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Fe EDDHA 6 Fertilizer

Fe EDDHA 6 Fertilizer

Fe EDDHA manufacturer and supplier in Nairobi Mombassa, Africa, Fujairah, Muscat, India. Ready stiock of Fe EDDHA Fertilizer in Africa Kenya Nairobi Uganda.


A chelated EDDHA/EDDHSA 6% in the form of micro- granules and is completely soluble in water. Has very high composition of Iron Chelates EDDHA). Effective in prevention and correction of Iron Chlorosis. It works effectively at a pH range of 3.5 to 12.

Iron chelated with EDDHA is a water soluble, dark red microgranular form of iron EDDHA to be used for the correction of iron deficiency in crops by means of soil application.

Avoids crop failure due to iron deficiency especially in high pH calcareous soils by boosting chlorophyll production in leaves.

Sprinkle some dry chelated iron for plants on the soil and irrigate, or dissolve in water and apply the chelated liquid iron around the base of the plants. Iron chelates can also be applied in the holes surrounding the drip line of the affected plants.
Iron deficiency in soil, in extreme cases, may lead to complete crop failure. RXSOL Fe-EDDHA 6% is a chelated micronutrient suitable for correcting iron dearth in high pH calcareous soils. The deficiency is usually recognized by chlorotic, or yellowed, intervein areas in new leaves and is typically found among sensitive crops grown in soils that primarily have calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in abundance.
Applicable Crops: All types of crops
  • Specially made for crops in high pH calcareous soils
  • Corrects iron deficiency in crops
  • Prevents lime-induced chlorosis
  • Boosts chlorophyll production in leaves

Fe EDDHA Fertilizer manufacturer supplier in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. Largest Fe EDDHA Foliar Fertilizer manufacturer in Uganda Kenya Africa, Fujairah, Muscat Gulf Middle East UAE.



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