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Ethanol manufacturer, exporter and supplier in Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Fujairah, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Ajman Muscat - Barka, Oman


Chemical Names: Ethanol; Ethyl alcohol; Alcohol; Methylcarbinol; Grain alcohol; Ethyl hydroxide. Molecular Formula: CH3CH2OH or C2H6O. Molecular Weight: 46.069 g/mol.


Chemical Name, Ethyl Alcohol. Chemical Classification, Monohydric aliphatic alcohol. Synonyms. Ethanol, grain alcohol; fermentation alcohol; alcohol; methylcarbinol; absolute alcohol, anhydrous alcohol; ethyl hydrate; ethyl hydroxide; molasses alcohol; spirit etc



Product Name    : Denaturerd Ethanol
CAS number : 64-17-5
UN number   : 1170
Formula    : CH3CH2OH
Odour   : VINOUS
Solubility in water     : Complete
Density   : 0.789   at 20    oC
Boiling point    : 78 oC
Melting point   : -117 oC
Viscosity     : 1.2 cp at 20 oC
Flashpoint   : 12oC
Explosive limits   : 3.3 – 19 Vol%
Vapour pressure    : 58 mbar at 20 oC
Skin absorption/irritation    : YES
TLV       Country  NL            Year  1995      : 1000 ppm              1900    mg/m3
Pollution category    1994     : III    


Ethanol is used extensively as a solvent in the manufacture of varnishes and perfumes; as a preservative for biological specimens; in the preparation of essences and flavorings; in many medicines and drugs; Ethanol/ethyl alcohol is also used as a disinfectant and in tinctures (e.g., tincture of iodine); and as a fuel and gasoline additive.

Iodoform test aids in distinguishing ethanol and methanol. For iodoform reaction to take place the compound should contain CH3-CHR-OH, where R can be H or alkyl group. Ethanol when reacts with iodine in the presence of sodium hydroxide gives yellow precipitate.Ethanol has one methyl group linked to the carbon which is attached to hydroxyl group hence gives a positive result to iodoform test.  Methanol does not give a positive iodoform test as they do not have a methyl group attached to the carbon which contains the OH group.

Ethanol (also called ethyl alcohol) has the structural formula C2H5OH/C2H6O. DUBICHEM continues to  be one of the most reputable and leading manufacturer of industrial as well as lab grade ethanol in U.A.E., Middle-East and the Gulf countries. Dubichem supplies Ethanol/ethyl alcohol in Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah and Abu Dhabi.

* When ethanol is added to acetic acid(CH3COOH), a characteristic pleasant odour of ethyl acetate/ethyl ethanoate can be smelled. This reaction is also called ESTERIFICATION. This reaction proves to be a test for ethanol/ethyl alcohol as well as can be used to add odour/flavour to substances like soap.
*When sodium crystals are added to ehtanol, sodium ethoxide is formed and a brisk effervescence(bubbling) of hydrogen gas is evolved (which can be tested by bringing a glowing splinter which dies out)

We are reputed manufacturer and supplier of ethanol and only after testing the ethanol for its purity as well as its nature, we supply our product.



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