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Odorizer Absorbant

Odorizer Absorbant

Odorizer Absorbant Manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Gandhidham Gujrat, Fujairah, Ajman, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, UAE Middle East, Muscat Barka Sohar Oman, Nairobi Kenya Africa, Canada


Odorizer Absorbant is a colourless liquid with a very characteristic smell and an extremely low odour threshold at 1 ppb.

Phycial Properties :

Property Value
Physical state Liquid
Colour Colourless
Odour Mercaptans
Density 1000 kg/m3 at 20°C
Melting point -96.2°C at 1013 hPa
Boiling point 119 - 121°C at 1013 hPa
Flammability (optional) Flammable Liquid
Explosive properties Not explosive based on the structure
Oxidising properties Not oxidising based on the structure
Self-ignition temperature 215°C at 1013 hPa
Vapour pressure 24 hPa at 25°C
Mol weight 88.17 g/mol
Water solubility 5.8 g/l at 20°C
Flash point 17.5°C (closed cup) at 1013 hPa
Octanol-water partition 1.8 at 20°C
coefficient (LogKow) 

Odorizer Absorbant  is used as such or in combination with odour sulphur compounds to odorise natural gaz. Thanks to its structure (cyclic sulphide), This is currently the most stable gas odorant. The use conditions of THT as odorant for natural gas are described in the International Standard ISO 13734.



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