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Hydrogen Peroxide 7-10 Percent

Hydrogen Peroxide 7-10 Percent

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Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound with the formula H2O2. It is the simplest peroxide (a compound with an oxygen-oxygen single bond) and in its pure form is a colorless liquid, slightly more viscous than water.


Keep locked up.. Keep container dry. Keep away from heat. Keep away from sources of ignition. Keep away from combustible material.. Do not ingest. Do not breathe gas/fumes/ vapor/spray. Never add water to this product. In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. If ingested, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or the label. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep away from incompatibles such as oxidizing agents, reducing agents, combustible materials, organic materials, metals, acids, alkalis

Product specification
Molar mass :::--- 34.0147 g/mol
Appearance :::--- light blue; colorless in solution
Odor :::--- sharpBoiling point :::--- 150.2 °C, 423 K, 302 °F
Solubility in water :::---Miscible
Solubility :::--- soluble in ether, alcohol insoluble in petroleum ether
Viscosity :::---1.245 cP (20 °C)








Purity    wt%



Specific Gravity 20/4



Free Acid as h2so4 wt%



Residual  wt%



Stability  %




Hydrogen Peroxide has many use including House Hold, Domestic. Agriculture, Textile, Industries, Medical and West water Treatment.

House Hold : One of the most common uses of hydrogen peroxide is as a disinfectant. Spray it on surfaces like kitchen counter top and wipe with a clean rag. It can be used as a mouthwash too. You have to dilute the chemical with water and use it for rinsing the mouth. This mouthwash is also said to whiten teeth. Ensure that you do not swallow the liquid, while rinsing.
It can also be used to wash vegetables and fruits, in order to get rid of germs and pesticides. Add some hydrogen peroxide to a bowl full of water (you may also add a few pinches of salt). Soak the veggies and fruits for some time. Remove them and rinse with cold water, before use.This chemical is also used to purify water in swimming pools.

Agriculture : Farmers use it as an insecticide. They spray diluted form of this chemical, on plants, so that the pests and weeds get killed, without causing harm to the plants. Its also used for watering plants. Mix an ounce of this chemical with a quart of water and use it on plants. Apart from boosting the level of oxygen in the soil, this mixture is also said to prevent root rot. Some people soak seeds in it, after diluting it with water. It is said that this will fasten the process of germination. For this purpose have to mix 1.5 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide in a cup of water.

Textile: It acts as a stain remover. Put 1 spoon tea in 1 bucket water  and let it sit for a while. After that, rinse the stains with water and soap.
As it has bleaching property, it is used as a bleach too.

IIndustrial :

Reduced Sulfur Compound Treatment for Refinery Wastewater

Sulfur compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide, thiosulfates and mercaptans, can present serious refinery wastewater problems. Hydrogen peroxide treatment is a cost effective way to treat these reduced sulfur species.

Supplemental Dissolved Oxygen to Reduce BOD and COD

Hydrogen peroxide has been used to reduce BOD and COD in refinery wastewater Supply of Supplemental Dissolved Oxygen (DO) when biological treatment systems experience temporary overloads or equipment failure.Predigestion of wastewater which contains moderate to high levels of compounds that are toxic, inhibitory or recalcitrant to biological treatment.As indicated by these examples, hydrogen peroxide can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as an enhancement to existing physical or biological treatment processes, depending on the situation.

Wastewater Pretreatment
Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most versatile, dependable and environmentally compatible oxidizing agents. The relative safety and simplicity of its use as an oxidizing agent has led to the development of a number of applications in refinery wastewater systems.


Hydrogen Perxoide supplier and exporter in India and Middle East. H2O2 used as an oxidizer, bleaching agent and antiseptic.



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