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Octyl Alcohol

Octyl Alcohol

Octyl alcohol is also known as 1-octanol; Octan-1-ol; Octanol;; N-octanol or Capryl alcohol
Octyl alcohol is a colorless, slightly viscous liquid used as a defoaming or wetting agent with a penetrating aromatic odor. It occurs naturally in the form of esters in some essential oils. It is insoluble in water and floats on it.


Cas No: 111-87-5

HSN Code : 29051690

IMDG Identification : Not Regulated for Transport (Non-Haz)

Molecular Formula : C8H18O

Molecular Weight : 130.23

Storage : Room Temperature

Shelf Life : 60 Months

1-Octanol (1-Octyl Alcohol) pure, 99% (n-Octanol, n-Octyl Alcohol)

Chemical name : C8H18O or CH3(CH2)6CH2OH

Appearance (Clarity) Clear

Appearance (Colour) Colourless

Appearance (Form) Liquid

Assay (GC) min. 99%

Density (g/ml) @ 20°C 0.823-0.825

Octyl Alcohol also used as VAM Absorption in Chiller PLANT


1. Octyl alcohol is used in perfumes and flavorings.


2. Esters of octanol, such as octyl acetate, occur as components of essential oils.


3. Also used to evaluate the lipophilicity of pharmaceutical products.


4. Octyl alcohol is use as a solvent for protective coatings, waxes, and oils, and as a raw material for plasticizers.



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