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BTC Zyme

BTC Zyme

RXSOL Zyme BTC is a unique biological active liquid formulation containing specialized bacterial strains, biodegradable low foaming chemical cleaners and anti foam agents.


  • Easy to use
  • Biodegradable
  • Suitable for use in all marine sanitary and sewage treatment systems
  • Cleans toilets, sinks, showers, etc.
  • Digests faces, grease, fat, starch and other solid waste materials
  •  Removes obnoxious odors from the sanitary system
  • It is safe and has no special handling requirements
  • Replaces conventional cleaners potentially harmful to the biological sewage system


Green liquid

pH, in conc.


DENSITY, in g/cm3 at 15°C





No known effect


No known effect

Synthetic rubber

No known effect

How it works

Rxsol Zyme  is specifically formulated to replace aggressive, toxic toilet cleaners that can disable the sewage treatment plant by killing the naturally occurring bacteria that are essential to its operation. Conventional toilet cleaners may also cause foaming in the vacuum inductor which destroys the vacuum in the sanitary flushing system. Rxsol Zyme BTC effectively cleans the toilets and doses millions of selected safe bacteria into the sanitary system. These powerful specialized bacteria colonies the organic waste lining the pipe system and remove the organic deposit. On draining to the sewage treatment plant, the bacteria will enhance the biological activity, reducing solids and odors. Grease, fats, starch and other organic compounds are digested by Rxsol Zyme BTC. The degradation of paper, protein, waste product residuals and other odorous materials is also enhanced. Rxsol Zyme BTC cleans more thoroughly and deeply compared to conventional cleaning products. The use of cleaning products containing hazardous chemicals such as acids, caustics, bleaches, disinfectants, etc., can be reduced.

Directions for Use and Dose Rates

Use Rxsol Zyme BTC daily as a normal toilet cleaner. Lift up seat, open the bottle and direct nozzle downwards. Squeeze and direct the jet to adequately cover the surface of the toilet bowl. After some minutes scrub vigorously with a toilet brush and flush with water. For removal of water scale, uric acid and rust stains, use Rxsol Zyme Toilet Descaler. See product data sheet. For heavy soil pipes dose Rxsol Zyme DPC to initiate the cleaning process and continue with Rxsol Zyme BTC. See also product data sheet for Rxsol Zyme DPC. The use of toilet cleaners containing toxic ingredients as acids, disinfectants, bleaches, etc., will have a detrimental effect on the biological activity and should not be used with Rxsol Zyme BTC.



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