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Marine Descaler

Marine Descaler

LIME Marine manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, Kandla, Vizag - Visakhapatnam, Surat, Chennai - Ennore, Kolkata - Haldia - Paradip, Fujairah - Dubai, Abu Dhabi - Sharjah, Muscat Barka RUWI,  Oman Sohar, Nairobi Kenya Uganda Africa


LIME Marine is a safe, biodegradable marine descaler developed to dissolve problematic fouling mediums including calcium, rust, mussels, barnacles, tiger shells and other scale formed mineral deposits that hinder the performance of vital water systems. RXLYME Marine is formulated to meet the demands of today's water systems.


LIME Marine does not corrode, erode, attack, oxidize or have other deleterious affects on virtually any metal or materials found in marine water systems such as: BRASS, IRON, LEATHER, CERAMIC ,WOOD, FIBER, PLASTICS FIBERGLASS, COPPER, STEEL, TITANIUM ,COPPER NICKEL ,RUBBER, GLASS, GELCOATS PAINTED SURFACES.

LIME Marine is an electrolyte, as are most cleaning agents. An electrolyte is any liquid that will transfer small electrical currents. Examples: salt water, vinegar, Coca-Cola. An electrolyte may cause plating in some types of equipment. This means a transfer of small amounts of one metal onto another metal according to the galvanic corrosion chart. In some instances, a thin coating of copper may be plated onto a steel drum while circulating an electrolyte such as RXLYME Marine. The only time plating occurs is when two dissimilar metals are in an electrolyte solution.

It is recommended, but not mandatory, that the LIME Marine solution be thoroughly mixed before using. Some settling of a dark precipitate may occur, resulting in an amber colored liquid, but has no negative affects upon the performance of the solution.

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LIME Marine has the ability to dissolve approximately 1 Kg of calcium carbonate scale per 3.75 Ltrs in concentrated form. If the LIME Marine is diluted, it will still dissolve 1 Kg of carbonate scale per 3.75 Ltrs, but will require additional circulating time.
The concentrated solution can be held safely in the open hand without deleterious affects. It will however cause a stinging sensation when contact is made on an open wound or cut. If this occurs, simply rinse thoroughly with soap and water.


Advantage :

  • The solution does not deteriorate, oxidize, saponify, thicken or lose effectiveness for at least five years.
  • The solution is of a pleasant or characteristic odor, very similar to cherries, and does not exude any obnoxious or toxic vapors. In rare instances, problematic vapors may occur when encountering high concentrations of sulfur or chlorine. Please contact the manufacturer before proceeding under these circumstances.
  • The solution does not require neutralizers and it is free rinsing with water.
  • The solution has the ability to dissolve deposits from some equipment while in operation and without shutdown, if auxiliary coolers are incorporated.
  • The solution has the properties to be mailed or shipped by any private or commercial carrier without restrictions. Air carriers for emergency deliveries may ship LIME Marine via next day air.
  • No Need circulate material for more than a four-hour period without consulting the manufacturer. Most LIME Marine cleaning applications can be accomplished within an average of two to four hours.Please use material only as directed.

This allows the solution to be water flushed down normal plant sewers. Check with local ordinances and regulations in your area prior to disposal.

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We have supply network in Rabale, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Surat, Kandla, Gandhidham, Mundra, Sikka, Chennai, Ennore, Vizag, Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Kolkata, haldia, Paradip, Fujairah, Dubai, Middle East



: 105° C




: 20.1mmHg @ 25 DEGREE C




This safe and simple solution effectively dissolves rock-like scale deposits that contaminate your water-cooled marine equipment. LIME Marine is used at ambient temperature and then circulated to bring the solution in contact with the accumulated minerals. The reaction results in a slight foaming or bubbling action, indicating the deposits are actually dissolving into solution, and then simply water flush away! These scale deposits, along with zebra mussels and tiger shells, damage your equipment and reduce your water system performance. Historically, these problems have been addressed via harsh acids, mechanical methods, ion exchange, polyphosphates, permanent magnets and electronic conditioning. If your vessel is heat exchanger cooled, keel cooled, or radiator cooled, try LIME Marine and ride the waves with maintenance superiority.

LIME Marine should be used as directed and at any temperature within the operating limits between 0°F / -18°C and 180°F / 82°C. If the solution does freeze, slush or thicken at the lower operating temperatures, and then thaws, there will be no performance reducing results. Please consult the manufacturer when temperatures above 180°F are encountered.
RXLYME Marine should be applied at ambient temperatures with no heating required. The solution is exothermic, but does not develop a substantial increase in temperature while dissolving water scale, rust, mussels, barnacles, zebra mussels, tiger shells and other water formed deposits.



LIME Marine  is non-corrosive, non-hazardous, and biodegradable. With the reduction of labour and operating costs, downtime, and no installation costs, accompanied with the heavy duty cleaning power, LIME Marine keeps your vessel at sea generating revenue.

LYME MARINE is scale dissolving chemicals. Lyme marine descaler effectively cleans fouling mediums including calcium, rust, mussels, barnacles, tiger shells and other scale formed mineral deposits that hinder the performance of vital water systems.



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