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LPG Cylinder Washing Detergent Soap

LPG Cylinder Washing Detergent Soap

LPG Cylinder Washing Detergent Manufacture and supplier in Navi Mumbai, Princess Street, Mumbai, Gandhidham, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Kolkata, Ajman, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Muscat, Barka, Sohar

It literally clean any surfaces from any kind of hydrocarbon derivative dirt, stain such us Oil, Grease, proteins, lipids, sugar stains. Its Complex formulation makes It extremely effective for a broad spectrum of industrial and institutional applications, such as bakeries, bottling plants, breweries,boats, printing plants, public buildings, park dept,dockyards, food plants, vessels bilge's, deck engine rooms, and machine shops etc

Environmentally safe bio degradable, non volatile, water based non corrosive, non hazardous safe green cleaning chemicals.

This chemical can be used on any surfaces, such as painted metal surfaces, Aluminums, rubber, Plastic, Vinyl, Fiber Glass, and Glass and even on the Fabric. 

PENETRATES and LOOSENS Dirt, Grime and Grease-Easily Removed by Wiping or Rinsing


General Purpose Degreaser , can be applied by brush, mop, spray etc. It is ideally suited for use in ultrasonic tanks or other immersion cleaning systems whether warm or cold.

Versatile  - Cleans concrete, metal, plastic and rubber surfaces with maximum effectiveness
Powerful   - Removes oil, grease, grime, mildew, dyes, ink etc.
Moderate Foam - No suds problems & bio-degradable.
Non Flammable - Contains emulsifying agent
Contains Inhibitor - Will not cause flash rusting.

Keep out of reach of children
Packing: 25 litre 210 litres drum
5x4 litres per box

Cleanses LPG cylinders effectively. Used a lot by LPG bottling plants. Also MUST USE RXSOL solution for LPG CHAIN LUBRICATION for better results.

Concentrated -  Dilutes up to 10 parts for general cleaning, up to 50 parts for light soil.

It can be used through hot or cold-pressure washing machines to penetrate, loosen and flush away hardened grease, dirt and grime.



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