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Soap Noodles

Soap Noodles

Soap Noodles supplier in Nairobi, Kenya Africa, Ajman, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Dubai, Fujairah, Muscat Barka Oman, Mumbai, Kandla, Kolkata, Chennai, Surat, Visakhapatnam, Sudan, Yemen


Soap noodles are small noodle-like oil-based products. It is primarily used as a base material in the production of household and toilet soaps. It is produced by saponifying vegetable oils such as palm oil, coconut oil or olive oil, and/or animal fat (tallow) using sodium hydroxide. Soap noodles are considered to be the basic precursors of soap. It can be used to make various types of soap, for example, toilet soap, laundry soap, and translucent soap.


Specification     Typical Values
Color : White
Total Fatty Matter (%) : 78 Min
Moisture (%) : 14 Max
Free Fatty Acid % ( as Palmitic ) : 1.5 Max
Sodium Chloride % ( as NaCl)  : 0.3-0.7
Glycerine (%)  : 1 Max
Titre (oC)  : 46 Max
Chelating Agent  : Present




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