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Coil Tubing Lubricant

Coil Tubing Lubricant

Coil Tubing Lubricant manufacturer supplier distributor in Mumbai, Kandla, Kolkata, Vizag, Chennai, India, Fujairah, Dubai UAE, Muscat Oman, Kenya Africa. Get the best quality of Coil Tubing Lubricant at a competitive price from us. We have ready stock of Coil Tubing Lubricant in India, UAE Gulf, Oman, Kenya Africa. Contact us for bulk as well as small orders.

RXSOL CTL COIL TUBING LUBRICANT is an organic polymer lubricant for water based drilling fluids as well as for Olefin enhanced muds OEM.  It is a blend of non-ionic and anionic surfactants in an aqueous solution. It is a nano technology based reactive fluid system that has the ability to penetrate friction surfaces shielded at the molecular level. This proprietary blend is specifically engineered for dispersion. RXSOL CTL  allows the formulation of muds with exceptional friction reduction properties where steel-to-steel and steel-to-formation contact is present. Its creates a unique type of drilling fluid showing both excellent dynamic and static performance that is indicated by low friction factors and improved rheology values. Return permeability tests show no formation damage and in some cases an improvement in return permeability.


Futrue & Benefit

  • Drill longer horizontal sections - HTHP operational to Max. 270°C
  • Increased (improved) rate of penetration - Wells turn cost effective with water
  • Cut total drilling cost based muds (Replaces OBM)
  • Reduce pump pressure by more than 15% - Will keep your shale shaker screens
  • Reduced rotating torque inside casing and clean and reduce screen costs.
  • Reduced friction problems to drill in oriented -
  • It is stable to 165 deg.C
  • Compatible with nitrile elastomers
  • Has been used in both oil and gas wells
  • Has been premixed with diesel
  • Used successfully in drilling fluids
  • In coiled tubing, wireline, snubbing and completion installation operations
  • May be used as a well clean-up spacer





Clear liquid

Flash Point

>98.3° C




6 – 8

Sp. Gravity



RXSOL CTL (COIL TUBING LUBRICANT)  is an proprietary cosolvent and surfactant blend that is highly effective as a brine and drilling fluid lubricant and friction reducer in all water-base completion fluids and drilling fluids.

Horizontal Drilling: Using RXSOL CTL  in drilling fluids is ideal for horizontal and deviated wells. When drilling horizontally with conventional fluids, friction may occur as torque, drag and stacking up of weight causing “slide” problems for the drill string. The problems with “sliding” will be minimized since RXSOL CTL  has a high affinity for metal surfaces and forms a lubricating film on the coil and drillpipe that adheres tenaciously.Therefore, due to the superior friction reduction properties of RXSOL CTL , horizontal and deviated wells will be drilled faster at a lesser cost due to the reduction of torque, drag and a better control of bit weight. PDC bits may be used more frequently instead of tricone bits, as bit weight and stall outs can be controlled in a better manner.

 Multilateral Wells: RXSOL CTL (COIL TUBING LUBRICANT) will give you the best friction reduction due to its extremely high attraction to metal surfaces. This (polar) attraction increases the efficiency of RXSOL CTL  as it initially adheres to metal instead of other surfaces such as drill solids. This metal affinity allows the bottom hole assembly and drill pipe to coat much quicker than standard water soluble or dispersible lubricants. This allows for a more effective and efficient lubricating process.

Liner Operation:  RXSOL CTL  will improve friction conditions when running liners with minimum tolerances and/or slotted production liners. Simply place the pill with  RXSOL CTL  inside the casing shoe and run the liner through the pill. ECONOLUBE will reduce the friction drastically, aid installation of the liner and obtain rotation prior to cementing.



RXSOL CTL (COIL TUBING LUBRICANT) works well in both oil and water-based drilling systems. If intended for use solely as a lubricant, dilute the product to 0.5 to 3.0% for the entire system. Running RXSOL CTL  as a concentrated pill sweep is an excellent way to clean the hole and come up to the desired concentration of lubricant at the same time.  RXSOL CTL can remove sand or build mud as high as 20 lb/gal.



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