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Deodorant Powder Heavy Duty Cleaner Disinfectant

Deodorant Powder Heavy Duty Cleaner Disinfectant

Deodorant Powder Heavy Duty Cleaner Disinfectant manufacturer supplier distributor in Mumbai, Kandla, Kolkata, Vizag, Chennai, India, Fujairah, Dubai UAE, Muscat Oman, Kenya Africa. Get the best quality of Deodorant Powder Heavy Duty Cleaner Disinfectant at a competitive price from us. We have ready stock of Deodorant Powder Heavy Duty Cleaner Disinfectant in India, UAE Gulf, Oman, Kenya Africa. Contact us for bulk as well as small orders.

It is perfumed Disinfectant Deodrant Powder. This is very active cleaner along with Germ killing properties. This product is use as a mutipurpose cleaner and suitable to remove oil & grease, from machinery, spare parts, nuts bolts, oily floor, tiles, toilets etc. Deodorant Powders are dry, free-flowing, concentrated deodorants which can be sprinkled over garbage, in dumpsters and in areas where garbage and trash are stored, to neutralize and deodorize offensive odors.


Future & Benefit : -

Easly soluble in cold and hot water.
Kill Germs and clean the surface
Due to powder easy to  cayy and transport.
Mask the bad odor
Easy to handle
Use as mulipurpose cleaner.
Can use for any surface metalic and non metalic, floor, tiles etc.

Appearance: White powder

Odour: Perfumed

pH = 12 – 13 (1% solution)

Vapour Pressure: N/K

Vapour Density: N/K

Boiling Point : N/A

Freezing Point: < 0°C

Solubility in water: Soluble

Specific Gravity : N/K

Evaporation rate: Not applicable

% Volatile by vol: < 15%

This is suitable to use for remove Oil grease from any type of surface, machinery, engine rooms. It can use as a deodorant and cleaning of Toilets, bathroom etc.

Recomeded dose is 1-5% solution depends on cleaning nature. For oil and grease remover from metal surface use 2 to 5 % Solution. For normal cleaning or deodorant purpose use 1% solution. For Germ killing 0.5% solution.

Using Procedure : -

For oil and Grease removing from Machinery , spare parts, spray the solution on surface and wait for 5-10 minutes. After that rub the surface with brush or wash with High Presseure machine.

For Nut Bolts - Make the solution 2% and dip in solution for 10 minutes. Wash with water.

For oily floor spray the solution , wait for few minutes. Reaction will start. Rub with plastic brush and flush water.

For Toilet - pour the solution in toilet bowl . Wait for some time and flush water. If



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