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Orange Silica Gel

Orange Silica Gel

SILICA GEL ORANGE  BEADS and Silica Gel Breather supplier in Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Oman- Muscat, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Gandhidham, Surat, Canada, Uganda, Africa

During Heating and cooling process of transformer oil Air pressure comming out and going inside the transforemer, This process is called BREATHING of Transformer. Silica Gel Breather helps to avoid entry of humidity and dust inside the transformer oil, humidity is main causes of fluctuation of DIELECTRIC STRENGTH, which is damaging the transformer functionality and out put of current flow. To maintain Humidity Silica Gel Breather plays a very important role in TRANSFORMER.
Silica Gel Breather is made from the finest quality raw material of Orange Silica Gel. We are Silica Gel Breather Supplier and Exporters.
Silica Gel Details
CAS No. : 112926-00-8
Chemical Name : Silica gel
CBNumber : CB1199389
Molecular Formula : O2Si
Formula Weight : 60.08
Tag Identification

NOTE: When in a dried state it appears orange in colour & as it absorb moisture , it colour gradually changes from orange to almost colorless. 



( in % by weight  )

SILICA  1343-98-2 98
Function of Silica Gel Breather :
The sole function of Silica Gel Breather is to dehydrate (remove moisture) the air & to remove dust particles of the air breathed in by the transformer.
Operation & Working of Silica Gel Breather :
Silica Gel (Air dehydrating) breathers are transparent hollow cylinder tubes which contain chemically pure silicium salt (Silica Gel) with cobalt indicator. This grade of Silica Gel is called as indicating grade of Silica Gel.
The indicating grade of Silica Gel, which is filled in the breather, is hard blue crystals, which has considerable absorption power for moisture. Silica Gel absorbs moisture signaling the saturation degree by changing color as follows.
Deep Blue Silica Gel completely dry
Light Blue Silica Gel partly humid. (Absorbed water for about 15% of its weight)
Pink Silica Gel saturated with moisture. (Absorbed water for about 30 - 40% of its weight)





Assay (as SiO2)

98 %



Melting point 1610oC
Boiling Point 2230oc

Bulk Density gm/ltr


Density  2.6

Loss on Drying %

4 - 6 %

Loss on Attrition

2.5 % Max

Adsorption Capacity at 100 % humidity

35 - 40 %



Chloride (as Nacl)

Max. 0.5% ppm

Sulfates (as Na2SO4)

Max 0.5 % ppm

Cobalt Chloride (as CaCl2)

0.5-0.7 %

Ammonium Compound (as NH3)

0 %

Binder as CaSO4

0 %

Dimethyl Fumrate (DMF)

0 %

Particle size

4 - 6



RH =20 %

RH =50 %

RH = 100 %





They are available in two varieties viz. Clear View Type and Aluminum Type. The Silica Gel Breather, we provide, is up to the capacity of 2000kva. Our quality speaks for itself it has brought our name among some of the finest Silica Gel Breather Supplier and Exporters. We have two types of Silica Gel Breather one is Blue Silica Gel Breather and other one is Orange Silica Gel Breather.

Silica Gel is a granular, vitreous, porous form of silicon dioxide made synthetically from sodium silicate. We are successful Manufacturers and Suppliers of Silica Gel from Maharashtra. The Silica Gel we make available is tough and hard and it has an average pore size of 2.4 nanometers. Our Silica Gel is known for its accurate composition and immaculate quality packaging. We are capable of delivering bulk orders of the Silica Gel Breather.

Breathing Process of Transformer :
Breathing is the process where the transformer Breather-In or Breather our the air from its body due to thermal contraction & expansion of oil mass. When the transformer is loaded or unloaded, the oil temperature inside the transformer tank rises or falls accordingly the air pressure inside the tank changes by either breathing in or breathing out the air. This phenomenon is called "Breathing" of the transformer. Now, the air which is being breathed in contains either dust particles and/or humidity that change the dielectric strength of the oil. For proper functioning of transformer, it is absolutely necessary that dielectric strength of transformer oil remains unimpaired. Hence, it is necessary that, the air entering into the transformer is free from moisture & dust particles.
For proper functioning of transformer dehumidification of Silica Gel crystals & removal of dust particles from breathed air is necessary.
Moisture is removed from Silica Gel crystals by heating it inside a ventilated oven at to 150 C, until the color becomes deep blue again.
Dusts particles are filtered by the oil in the oil cup.Pressure value for air passage into the breather are: 0.003 Kg/cm inlet or 0.005 Kg/cm outlet.
Criteria for Selecting Silica Gel Breather :
Keeping in view the above functions of Silica Gel Breather the main criteria for selecting the breather becomes,
Gel changes color from deep blue to pinkish white as it absorbs moisture. By reheating, the Gel becomes free from moisture & hence transformer always breathe in dry air. Visibility of Gel color is very important to decide when to reheat the Gel.
Oil in the oil cup allows dust particles of air to settle in the oil. By changing the oil & cleaning the oil cup air becomes free from dust particles. Visibility of oil level & dust particle in the oil cup is very important to decide when to change the oil.
Transformer should breath from breathing holes (provided in breather) only. If air enters through any other portion of the breather except breathing holes it is called leakage of air.
Leakage of air will lead to entrance of air with moisture & particles in the transformer, which ultimately may lead to formation of spark, and short circuit in the transformer.



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