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Soak Clean Eco HD

Soak Clean Eco HD

Soak Clean Eco HD manufacturer supplier distributor in Mumbai, Kandla, Kolkata, Vizag, Chennai, India, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE, Gulf, Middle East, Muscat Oman, Kenya Africa. Get the best quality of Soak Clean Eco HD at a competitive price from us. We have ready stock of Soak Clean Eco HD in India, UAE Gulf, Oman, Kenya Africa. Contact us for bulk as well as small orders.


Soak Clean Eco HD is a highly effective alkaline soak cleaner which will remove a wide variety of soils  including mineral oils, greases, machine oils and lanolin from ferrous metals and copper alloys. Its cleaning  action is sopowerful that pre-cleaning in chlorinated solvents can be eliminated.



1 N hydrochloric acid .

Methyl red indicator (dissolve 0.04 g in 100 ml of 20% methanol).


1. Pipette a 25.0ml sample of cooled working solution into a 250ml conical flask.

2. Dilute to 100ml with de-ionised water and add 2-3 drops of methyl red indicator.

3. Titrate with 1 N hydrochloric acid to a red end point.

4. Record titre = t mls.


t x 2.75 = g/L Soak Clean Eco HD.


For every 1g/L required add 1g/LSoak Clean Eco HD.


1-  Elimination of chlorinated solvents.

2- Suitable for rack and barrel operation.

3- Versatile – can be used on ferrous metals and copper alloys.

4· Economical - long life and effective cleaning.

5· Emulsifies and saponifies oils to prevent oil flotation.


Dispose of in accordance with local authority requirements.



Econoclense NS                           25 - 100 g/L depending on soils.

Using Procedure and operting data :

Concentration 25 – 100g/L
Temperature                                      50 – 90°C
Time As required
Agitation Mild agitation is useful to ensure thorough cleaning.


Tanks:  Mild or stainless steel or other materials suitable for use with alkaline solutions.

Heaters: PTFE, stainless steel or mild steel immersion heaters or steam coils. It is essential that the tanks to be used for Soak Clean Eco HD are thoroughly cleaned and leached before any product is introduced. If in any doubt as to the cleaning procedure please contact PMD Technical Department.

1. ¾ fill tank with water.

2. Add the required weight of Soak Clean Eco HD with stirring to dissolve.

3. Make up to final volume with water.

4. Heat to operating temperature.


The volume of the solution should be maintained regularly by the addition of water. It is recommended that automatic level controllers are fitted to the tank to ensure constant solution concentration and protect heaters.

The solution should be analysed regularly and replenished as necessary. (See analysis method).

The solution should be discarded and a fresh one made-up when the solution is so loaded with absorbed soils that replenishment has no effect on cleaning time.



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