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Solvent Naphtha L

Solvent Naphtha L

Solvent Naphtha L manufacturer supplier distributor in Mumbai, Kandla, Kolkata, Vizag, Chennai, India, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE, Gulf, Middle East, Muscat Oman, Kenya Africa. Get the best quality of Solvent Naphtha L at a competitive price from us. We have ready stock of Solvent Naphtha L in India, UAE Gulf, Oman, Kenya Africa. Contact us for bulk as well as small orders.


Solvent naphtha L is  light aromatic (CAS No. 64742-95-6) is a mixture of light aromatic hydrocarbons from refined petroleum distillates, with an aromatic content of 98% or greater. It is composed primarily of C9-10 dialkyl and trialkylbenzenes. It contains approximately 46% trimethylbenzenes, 36% ethylmethylbenzenes, 0 to 5% xylene, 0 to 5% cumene, and 1.5% ethylbenzene; the exact composition and concentrations vary.

In Geneal Term  general term it is  as each refinery produces its own naphthas with unique initial and final boiling points and other physical and compositional characteristics. Naphthas are produced from materials such as coal tar, shale deposits, tar sands and the destructive distillation of wood.



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