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VMCH Resin

VMCH Resin

VMCH resin is a high molecular weight, carboxyl-functional terpolymer comp rised of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate and maleic acid. It is supplied as a powder. VMCH resin provides good adhesion to vinyl, metals, and concrete and celllulosic substrates. This resin gives highly flexible, post-formable coatings on metal coil and sheet.

This terpolymer contains carboxyl group, therefore, it features good adhesions to aluminum foil, also because it contains PVC so, also has good resistance to alkali, base, brine, salty mist, also has good resistance to oil ester and alcohols.
Item Specification Method
Appearance White Powder Visual
Vinyl chloride by mass% 86 Calculated
Vinyl Acetates Content by mass % 13 Q/320205AHAD01 -2006                          
Maleic acid content by mass% 1
Molecular weight 27000
Glass transition temperature(Tg) 74
Inherent viscosity(DL/g) 0.50 ASTM D-1243
Specific Gravity 1.35 ASTM D-792
Volatile Contents including moisture % -- GB/T 2914-1999
Pile Density (g/ml) -- GB/T 3402

VMCH is mainly used for air-dry finishing paint, for example, repair paint, vessel paint, metal / can / beer paint, wood & glass coating, aluminum foil varnish, etc. It also can be used for making ink, adhesive (metal with metal, metal with PVC/PET), heat-seal packing paint (medicine packing, cigarette packing), glue for vitamine C packing, etc. It is complying with the standard of food & medical contact.

Recommendation for Resin Dissolving Procedure:
Add weak solvent such as ethyl acetate or toluene into the blending tank first with agitation.
Slowly put terpolymer resin such as VMCH or UMOH into the above solvents with agitation.
Put strong solventslast, such as MEK or MIPK
If possible, heating and keeping temperature at 60-70 degree C, which will help the dissolving process, otherwise, takes longer time.
Resin concentration may vary with client'sformulation



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