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Catalyzed Hydrazine Hydrate 35

Catalyzed Hydrazine Hydrate 35

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Hydrazine is a convenient reductant because the by-products are typically nitrogen gas and water. Thus, it is used as an ANTIOXIDANT, an oxygen scavenger, and a corrosion inhibitor in water boilers and heating systems. 

Hydrazine is mainly used as a foaming agent in preparing polymer foams. 

No oxygen is entering the boiler with the feed water when hydrazine is present in the water.

Hydrazine hydrate mainly used as:
Organic synthesis intermediates  for agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufecturing of chemicals, etc
Laboratory reagent in fine chemicals
Reducing agent in metals purification of precious metals in the mining industry, etc
Corrosion inhibitor in industrial boilers, nuclear and/or thermal power plants
Lime scale and heavy metal scavenger in water treatment
Oxygen scavenger on ultra high pressure industrial sites
Blowing agent for polymer (PE, PVC, PMMA, EVA, rubber, etc) foams

Hydrazine is used as an oxygen scavenger for high pressure boilers in power plants and other industries to reduce corrosion of metal pipes and fittings. The test for hydrazine can be controlled by in which several solutions have been formulated into a single, stable reagent. The method is both sensitive and easy to perform. It is used mostly for the determination of small amounts of hydrazine in boiler feedwater. There are no common interferences.

The establishment of protective metal oxide layers through the use of reducing agents (such as hydrazine, hydroquinone, and other oxygen scavengers) is known as metal passivation or metal conditioning. Although "metal passivation" refers to the direct reaction of the compound with the metal oxide and "metal conditioning" more broadly refers to the promotion of a protective surface, the two terms are frequently used interchangeably.

The reaction of hydrazine and hydroquinone, which leads to the passivation of iron-based metals, proceeds according to the following reactions:

N2H4 6Fe2O3 ® 4Fe3O4 2H2 N2
hydrazine    hematite    magnetite    water    nitrogen


C6H4(OH)2 + 3Fe2O3 ® 2Fe3O4 + C6H4O2 + H2O
hydroquinone   hematite   magnetite   benzoquinone   water


Similar reactions occur with copper-based metals:

N2H4 + 4CuO ® 2Cu2O + 2H2O + N2
hydrazine   cupric oxide   cuprous oxide   water   nitrogen


C6H6O2 + 2CuO ® Cu2O + C6H4O2 + H2O
hydroquinone   cupric oxide   cuprous oxide   benzoquinone   water


Magnetite and cuprous oxide form protective films on the metal surface. Because these oxides are formed under reducing conditions, removal of the dissolved oxygen from boiler feedwater and condensate promotes their formation. The effective application of oxygen scavengers indirectly leads to passivated metal surfaces and less metal oxide transport to the boiler whether or not the scavenger reacts directly with the metal surface.

A significant reduction in feedwater oxygen and metal oxides can occur with proper application of oxygen scavengers.

Hydrazine hydrate traditional applications is in pharmaceuticals, water treatment, agrochemical, polymer and blowing agent and others, hydrazine hydrate is consumed in commercial applications such as rocket fuels also and other industries.

Hydrazine hydrate (HH) is a colorless, fuming, and oily liquid with an ammonia-like odor.

HH is used as a reducing agent, an oxygen scavenger in treatment of boiler water, and as a source for drug - hydralazine is an anti-tubercular drug, as well as for agricultural chemicals, and other hydrazine derivatives.



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