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RXSOL 500 manufacturer supplier distributor in Mumbai, Kandla, Kolkata, Vizag, Chennai, India, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE, Gulf, Middle East, Muscat Oman, Kenya Africa. Get the best quality of RXSOL 500 at a competitive price from us. We have ready stock of RXSOL 500 in India, UAE Gulf, Oman, Kenya Africa. Contact us for bulk as well as small orders.


RXSOL Unicor 500  is a corrosion inhibitor compound concentrate that does a great job of removing metalworking fluids and light oily films. This product will not stain ferrous or nonferrous materials and leaves an extremely thin film corrosion inhibitor, which does not interfere with gauging of parts. RXSOL Unicor 500  is a  hygroscopic compound designed as a corrosion inhibitor rinse water additive for prevention of oxidation in ferrous components. RXSOL Unicor 500 is suitable for immersion & spray application. It is used as a final rinse additive after alkaline degreasing of ferrous components.RXSOL Unicor 500 forms after drying a temporary corrosion protected film, which is removable in the cleaning bath prior to subsequent operation.


Bath Maintenance  :

The bath should be maintained within operating parameters. The concentration of RXSOL Unicor 500 is to be checked once in a day (as per analytical control) and replenishment is to be made accordingly.

Analytical Control  :

Reagents: -
a) Sulphuric Acid.( 50 % v/v )
b) KI Soln ( 10 % w/v )
c) Startch indicator
d) Sodium Thiosulphate Soln ( 0.1 N )               

Procedure: -

i) Take the  10ml of working solution into 250 ml glass flask and dilute to about 50 ml water.
ii)  Add 10ml of Sulphuric Acid soln  followed by 20 ml 10% KI solution
iii) Stir well & keep for 5 minutes in dark.
iv) Titrate with 0.1(N) Sodium Thiosulphate soln solution using starch as indicator colour changes from yellow to blue. Continue titration up to colorless end point.

  Calculation: -

g/L RXSOL Unicor 500    =    ml of 0.1 (N) Sodium Thiosulphate soln   1.52

Adding of RXSOL Unicor 500  to maintain the immersion

To raise the ‘concentration’ value by 1.0 unit (g/L), add 1.0 kg RXSOL Unicor 500  for each of 1000L bath value.

Safety and Handling  : 

RXSOL Unicor 500  is not a dangerous or hazardous product. But it is slighly alkaline product so waer the suitable hand gloves, Apron and Gum boolts during handling of Products. In case of splashing into eyes flush with copoius amount of normal or cold water. Get medical advise if require.  The product is hygroscopic and hence container should be closed when not in use.

Packing : 25 Kgs. HDPE Container

Shelf Life : Product Shelf Life is 24 month from date of manufacturing.

Disposal :

RXSOL Unicor 500 waste contains Hexavalent chromium. Follow the effluent treatment by chemical treatment with Sodium Bisulphite. The supernatant liquid may be discharged only after meeting the IS specification for Hexavalent and trivalent content of in discharged water. The sludge may be dumped in a specified dumping ground following local/state regulation. Follow the local state fedral rule and regulation.

Technical Specification :

Form : Solid
Apperance : Crystalline powder
Flash Point : NA
Boiling Point : NA
pH : > 12
Solubility in water : Soluble


RXSOL Unicor 500  is very good for immersion washing  and corosion inhibitor for rinse water at concentrations of 1- 3%.

For Making Initial Bath : -

The recommended use concentration of RXSOL Unicor 500  - 10 - 30 Kg per 1000 ltrs in water. No special mixing procedures are required. Add the required amount of RXSOL Unicor 500  concentrate to the required amount of water and stir until uniformly mixed.

Operational Parameter :

RXSOL Unicor 500  use in 10-30 grams / ltrs of water. Temrature should be maintain 80 - 90°C. Immersion time require 3 -5 minutes.



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