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RXSOL ORG LOCO 20 Locomotive Cleaner

RXSOL ORG LOCO 20 Locomotive Cleaner

Railway Coach Cleaning Chemicals Locomotive Wash manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, Varanashi, Saharanpur, Nagpur, Gandhidham Kandla, Chennai, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Surat, Fujairah UAE, Abudhabi, Kennya, NAirobi, Muscat Oman, Canada

RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaneris a unique, versatile, multifunctional product that gets outstanding results on most types of tough cleaning chores. At full strength, RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner is formulated with enough cleaning power to handle locomotives, coal hoppers, and roundhouse floors, but without the high alkaline or volatile organic content. It specialize heavy duty cleaner to external of Locomotive. Rx Marine International’s innovative chemistry provides a product that outperforms the leading national heavy-duty industrial cleaner in every type of cleaning job tested. Locomotive Cleaner does not contain caustics, acids, or volatile organic compounds. It is mild in terms of aggressiveness toward human tissue and has very low odour and vaporization levels, minimizing the problem of worker exposure to fumes. It is biodegradable and contains no ingredients regulated by DOT.



RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™Locomotive Cleaner is best applied to a locomotive with a low-to-moderate pressure foaming mechanism. Line pressure should be in the range recommended by the foam equipment manufacturer. This is usually in the range of city water pressure, or 30-100psig. Therefore, city water pressure can be used as the motive force to both drive water of dilution through an in-line mixer and suck Locomotive Cleaner into the line in advance of the foamer. Alternatively, Locomotive Cleaner can be applied directly to the locomotive at full strength with nearly any type of low-pressure sprayer. Locomotive Cleaner should be rinsed off using a high pressure sprayer/washer that delivers at least 2000psig at the nozzle discharge. Fan spray-type or wedge-type nozzles can be used for both foam-on and rinse-off operations. Material of construction for pumps, lines, valves, etc. should be mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron or plastic/polymeric.


Although RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner is non-hazardous and has low levels of aggressiveness to human tissue, it is always wise to prevent cleaners from contacting skin and eye tissue for prolonged or repeated periods of time. Skin sensitization is always possible over time. Use of water resistant gloves,  boots and clothing and goggles or safety glasses plus a face shield and hard hat are recommended, especially for large jobs such as locomotive cleaning.


  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner is safe to use, resulting in fewer personnel injuries (e.g., chemical burns and inhalation exposure), reportable injuries, workers’ comp claims, etc. It can be used to clean a wide variety of surfaces without the need for concern about avoiding certain areas, and it will not damage most clothing.


  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™  Locomotive Cleaner does not present a significant odour or fume exposure problem. It can be used to clean in confined spaces such as shower stalls and bus interiors. RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner does not present OSHA or fire regulation problems. RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner can be used on most plastic surfaces, vinyl, and vinyl fabrics. Locomotive Cleaner will not fog Plexiglas.


  • Spills and leaks do not present a major environmental threat. RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner can be shipped in any quantity as Non-Hazardous.


  • Oil and grease traps function properly with RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner. You can treat and/or dispose of oil and water phases separately. The oil/water de-emulsification and separation is usually very complete leaving a water phase that is relatively clean and neutral in pH. As a result your effluent treatment costs can be significantly lower with RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner than with caustic or glycol-ether-based products.


  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner can replace several different cleaners. For example, in an automotive repair shop, it will do an outstanding job of cleaning floors, cleaning and degreasing engines in place, cleaning engine parts as a parts washer solution, cleaning brake pads, cleaning battery terminals, cleaning exhaust soot stains, washing vehicle exteriors, cleaning wheels and tires, cleaning windows, etc.



  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner contains no caustics or acids.
  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner contains no solvents, glycol ethers, or terpenes,
  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner contains no DOT- or EPA-regulated ingredients.
  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner emulsifies oil and grease efficiently, then de-emulsifies in a relatively short period of time.
  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner has multifunctional physical/chemical properties.
  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner is fast acting and penetrating.
  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner works well in spray on/off applications with little or no wiping, brushing or scraping (as on vehicles, walls, floors, etc.). It saves time due to its ability to act rapidly without physical assistance or many repeat applications.


  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner is a mild cleaner that does not burn human tissue. RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner will not etch glass, aluminium, or counter tops. RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner does not fade most pigments and will not dull or damage most paints or coatings if rinsed off in a reasonable amount of time.
  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner has no significant VOC content. RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner has no flash point. RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner will not attack or dissolve most solvent-soluble materials.
  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner is not classified as hazardous by the DOT. It has no reportable quantity. RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner does not have to be inventoried under SARA Title III.
  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner cleans oil and grease very efficiently and rapidly .Water and oil phases separate in five minutes, depending on waste water total composition.
  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner cleans all types of dirt very effectively; in fact, in testing, RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner did better than all of the major  brands and categories tested. No other cleaner was as versatile.
  • RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner works rapidly to penetrate build ups of dirt, grease, and oil. Locomotive Cleaner works effectively on vertical surfaces.

Introduction :

The RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ LocomotiveCleaner formulation was originally developed, not surprisingly, as a locomotive cleaner for the railroad industry. Locomotives are very difficult to clean and the railroads had not found a product that would satisfactorily clean them in brushless locomotive washing facilities.

RX Marine International’s task was not only to develop a product that could clean locomotives, but also to make the product work with a spray-on, rinse-off, “touchless” washing technique and to make the product environmentally friendly. There were other requirements on the railroads’ list, including that the cleaner not dull paint and that it be cost competitive with currently used hazardous rated products which were less than effective.

RX Marine International initially worked with the current conventional technology, which is based on very aggressive, highly caustic and acidic formulation. We improved these formulas, but did not achieve our objectives. After extensive research and development, we developed an entirely new chemical approach that proved successful, and RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner was born. Finally we had a cleaner that performed extremely well at removing the difficult residue found on active locomotives, that was environmentally friendly and could be marketed at a reasonable cost. Further testing indicated that Locomotive Cleaner would make an outstanding general purpose cleaner and degreaser. RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner was tested on garage and warehouse floors, automobile engines, trucks, exhaust stacks, shower stalls, carpets, battery terminals, clothing, and many other applications. The results indicated that Locomotive Cleaner did a much better job than the leading brands on the market.





:Clear (Custom Dyes may be added)


:Slightly bitter or Mild

Specific Gravity



:11-12 (100% Concentration)



Boiling Point


Freezing Point

:-5 °C

Flash Point

:Not applicable

Vapour Pressure

:Not Applicable



Removes exhaust stains and soot quickly, without leaving shadow stains.

Dissolves away road film when used as a diluted pressure washer solution.

Exhibits excellent rinse ability, and contains dispersing polymers to prevent redeposition of loosened soils.

Can be used effectively with hard water since it contains `ingredients which tie up hardness compounds.

The RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ LocomotiveCleaner removes grease and oil without high alkalinity/pH, solvents, or any hazardous ingredients. Its proprietary blend of surfactants emulsifies oil and grease and then de-emulsifies — releasing the oil and grease which float to the top of the water phase. So that the oil and water can be treated or disposed of separately.

Complete remove  and suitable to clean Greasy/oily factory equipment, oil delivery vehicles, grimy engines, construction equipment, very dirty shop area, coal hoppers and locomotives.

PREPARATION: Make the solution of RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner as low as 10%-30% volume  with water for high pressure, heated-rinse-water, automatic washing facilities or as high as 40%-50% for manual spray rinse operations. Temperatures of the cleaner and water should be at least maintain on room temperature as 20°c ; however, cleaning efficiency improves as the temperature of the water/cleaner is increased up to about 40 -50°c.

Apply The RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™ Locomotive Cleaner to a dry surface. Do not wet the surface to be cleaned with water prior to applying RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™Locomotive Cleaner.


PROCEDURE : Apply RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™Locomotive Cleaner with a low-pressure sprayer with a fan-type nozzle in an even, back-and-forth, horizontal motion, starting at the bottom and moving up. It is usually best to apply Locomotive Cleaner to 1/4-1/3 of a side at a time prior to rinsing. However, with a very thorough, even application, an entire side can be done in one application

DWELL TIME: Allow RXSOL ORG LOCO 20™Locomotive Cleaner to remain on the surface of the locomotive for at least 3-5 minutes prior to rinsing off a section.

RINSE: Rinse the locomotive surface with high-pressure water from pressure washing equipment at, at least 2000psig at the spray nozzle. Hot water improves both the cleaning and rinsing effectiveness, but is not a requirement. Use a fan or wedge type sprayer nozzle and rinse from the top down in even, horizontal back-and-forth motions to avoid vertical streaking.

FINISH: Capture and treat the run-off from the locomotive cleaning operation, if required by local, state or federal regulations, or company policy.



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