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Magnesium Carboxylate

Magnesium Carboxylate

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Magnesium Carboxylate complexes containing intramolecular NH···O hydrogen bonds were synthesized.

Molecular structures of Magnesium Carboxylate were determined by X-ray analysis. A direct NH···O hydrogen bond to the coordinated oxygen atom elongated the Mg–O bond, while a hydrogen bond to the carbonyl group shortened the Mg–O bond. Double NH···O hydrogen bonds significantly lowered the basicity of the carboxylate anion and prevented coordination to the Mg ion in a trans configuration; however, a cis-dicarboxylate complex was successfully obtained. Strong coordination of water to the Mg2+ ion stabilizes the weak Mg–carboxylate bond at the trans position. In contrast, a weak Mg–carboxylate bond strengthens the Mg–O(water) bond, probably increasing the acidity. Based on the experimental results and theoretical calculations, a new switching mechanism is proposed. In the proposed mechanism, the acidity of the coordinated water on magnesium is controlled during catalytic hydrolysis in endonuclease.


Synonyms: PCMH, NIOSH/UY0685000, EINECS 227-392-8, CID9838620, Magnesium 2-oxopyrrolidine-5-carboxylate, Magnesium 5-oxo-2-pyrrolidinecarboxylate, Magnesium 5-oxopyrrolidine-2-carboxylate, LS-137475, Pyrrolidone carboxylate de magnesium hydrate, UY0685000, Pyrrolidone carboxylate de magnesium hydrate, 5-Oxo-2-pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid magnesium salt (2:1), 2-Pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid, 5-oxo-, magnesium salt (2:1).

CAS Registry Number: 5819-47-6



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