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Scale Inhibitor Antiscalant 9000

Scale Inhibitor Antiscalant 9000

Scale Inhibitor Antiscalant 9000 manufacturer and supplier in Yemen, Sudan, Nairobi, Muscat Sohar, Oman, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, UAE Middle East, Mumbai, Kandla Surat Gandhidham Gujrat, Chennai Ennore, Visakhaptnam, Kolkata West Bengal, Varanashi, Tata, Patna, Canada


Scale Inhibitor Antiscalant 9000 is specially designed to inhibit the scale formation in RO-systems equipped with polyamide, celluloseacetate- and polyethermembranes with anionically charged surface.

It  is a stabilized solution of organic phosphonates and polyacrylates with high dispersing effect. Scale Inhibitor Antiscalant 9000is an excellent inhibitor for calcium sulphate and calcium carbonate. A further advantage is the excellent stabilizing effect for barium and strontium sulphate. In addition even iron may be stabilized. The contained copolymers act also as a dispersing agent for organic contaminants and metal oxides.


Appearance : clear, dark yellow liquid
Density : 1.14 – 1.16 g/cm3
Viscosity : Approx. 50 mPa.s
pH-value : 4.8 – 5.3
Boiling Point : 105° C
Freezing Point : -10° C
Solubility in water : unlimited


Scale Inhibitor Antiscalant 9000 is designed as a highly efficient scale inhibitor for use with cellulose acetate and polyamide membranes. There is no interaction with the membrane material.

The dosage is controlled proportionally to the feed water flow. Standard metering pumps are used. Fitting materials are PE, PP or coated steel. In order to avoid biological fouling, the containers have to be cleaned from time to time with a 10 % sodium bisulfite solution or a sodium hydroxide water solution solution at pH=13.

Scale Inhibitor Antiscalant 9000can be diluted with water in any ratio. However, it is recommended to inject the antiscalant undiluted or as solution up to 10 %. The diluted solutions have to be consumed within 48 hours after preparation. The required dosage level depends on the operating conditions and water composition and varies in the range of 1 – 10 ppm as delivered.



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