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Anionic Polymer RXFLOC 124

Anionic Polymer RXFLOC 124

Anionic Polymer Rxfloc 124  is a powder form polyacrylamide based anionic polyelectrolyte Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier in Mumbai, Kandla, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Gandhidham, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ajman, Abudhbai, Dubai, Sohar Barka Muscat Oman, Nairobi, Africa, Canada

Anionic Polymer RXFLOC 124  is a powder form polyacrylamide based anionic polyelectrolyte. It consists of high negative charge. It is proficient in applications like solid-liquid separation in treatment of effluent water and mining.


Form         Solid
Colour White
Odour None
Odor Threshold Not Applicable
pH 6-8
Melting Point Not Applicable
Flash Point >100°C
Autoignition temperature >200°C
Vapour pressure (mm Hg)  0.13 @ 20°C


Anionic Polymer Rxfloc 124 / Anionic Polyelectrolytes, bearing negative charge, are adequately efficient for process applications like paper, sugar, textile, mining & food industries.

Anionic Polymer Rxfloc 124 / Polyelectrolytes have multiple applications some of as below:

  • Polyelectrolytes are mainly used in water treatment processes, we can use them in water-treatment for sediment settling, and solid-liquid separation.
  • In chemical reactions, polyelectrolytes are used as thickeners, emulsifiers and conditioners for influencing any reactants in any particular reaction.
  • In daily life, we can find them in cosmetics, shampoos and soaps.

Theoretical dosage is 2 ppm (2mg per ltr) Actual dosage is determined using a jar test of treat water.



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