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Bitumen Remover Cleaner

Bitumen Remover Cleaner

Bitumen Remover Cleaner manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Gandhidham Kandla, Fujairah, Dubai, Ajman, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Muscat Oman


Bitumen Tar Remover  has been specifically formulated to reduce labour costs by swiftly breaking deposits enabling them to be easily flushed away with water. It can be diluted up to a maximum of 18-1 with paraffin or diesel, or for extra economy it can be diluted up to 6-1 with water. This is suitable for valeting shops, boiler houses, asphalt manufacturers, all garages and workshop floors, building contractors, tankers and equipment, local authorities and plant operators.



Quantities of  RXSOL-20-1004-025 is completely depends on approximate value of BITUMEN .

This product also can be used as a Bitumen Emulsifier .

Recommendation Dose for general deposition : 

  200 Ltrs/Hold for HANDYMAX & 250 Ltrs/Hold for PANAMAX

Each drums of 210 ltrs covers 2000 to 2500 sq meter while on rough and rusted surface require more quantities of materials.


for HANDYMAX  (5 Holds) : In general  500 Ltr to 1000 Ltr   RXSOL-20-1004-025 require to cover area up to 12 mtrs , i.e approx 1/2 drum to 1 drum of material is sufficient for each hold , while
for PANAMAX    (7 Holds) : In general 1000 Ltr to 2000 Ltrs RXSOL-20-1004-025 require to cover full area. , i.e approx 3/4 drum to 1.25 drums of material is sufficient for each hold.


When hot bitumen is mixed with 0.03 % of  RXSOL-20-1004-025 , becomes water miscible. Or RXSOL-20-1004-025 can also blend with hot water to make emulsion with BITUMEN.



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