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ACID NEUTRALIZER manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Acid Neutraliser is a alkaline solution for the neutralisation of acidic solution and waste. It contains an in built pH indicator to provide a visual colour change when neutralisation of spent acidic waste has been completed.

Acidic water causing problems for system. Acid neutralizer help to raise the pH levels.



Acid Neutraliser is an alkaline solution so that contact with skin and eyes is avoided. Wear eye goggles and appropriate protective clothing. If the product comes in contact with the skin immediately wash affected area thoroughly with water and soap. Seek medical attention in the event of irritation. If required remove and rinse contaminated clothing.

If the product comes in contact with the eyes, immediately hold the eyes open and wash with fresh running water. Ensure irrigation under the eye lids by occasionally lifting upper and lower lids. If pain persists or recurs, seek medical attention.

Acid Neutraliser is packed in 2 Ltrs, 5 Ltrs, 20 litres, 25 Ltrs  & 210 litres.




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