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ACID SLURRY LABSA 96 TO 98 60 KG manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

LABSA 96% Produced through indigenously designed reaction system, our range of LABSA 96% (linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid) is manufactured using in-house technologies. It helps us to reducing sulphonation costs by more than 20% and offer a better range of chemicals which meet clients specific requirements.

Product Name: LABSA
Product Remarks: Brown Viscous Liquid
Poduct Category: Cleaning Raw Materials
Product Description: Name: LABSA 96%
Chemical Formula: R -C6H4-SO3H
Appearance : Brown viscous liquid

Specifications:- 96%
1) Appearance- Pale Brown Clear Liquid
2) Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid- 96% minimum
3) Free oil(NDOM)- 1%maximum
4) Free Sulphuric acid- 1.5%maximum
5) Color- 20-25 Kletts
6) Moisture (Karl Fisher)- 1.5%maximum
7) Biodegradability- 92% Specification for LABSA 98% We offer to our clients superior range of linear alkyl benzene sulfonic (labsa 98%), which is a fully neutralized compound, and is used in formulation to provide effective detergent to the finished product.

What is Acid Slurry ?
Acid slurry is a sulphonation product made by sulphonation of linear alkyl benzene by oleum or so3 or sulphuric acid or combinations of above.It is used in manufacturing of vaious detergents.




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