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ALKALEEN EXTRA HEAVY DUTY manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

ALKALINE EXTRA Non-caustic cleaning and degreasing SHIP HOLD Cleaning agent, Alkaleen Liquid Heavy Duty is water based powerful ship hold Cleaner. RXSOL-22-2005-220 is a superior Heavy duty and highly concentrated Alkaline Cleaner, containing specially selected detergents and powerful long chain organic syndet , specific salts with surfactants & wetting agents . It is low toxic product with an exceptional solvency power on soil & oily matter & having good foaming qualities. It is free from Hydrocarbon solvents, Biodegradable and minimizes the extreme hazards to personnel in handling materials. It is  suitable for SHIP HOLD CLEANING  used for cargo hold cleaning after coal and pet coke..

Wear safety Gloves and Eye protective Goggle.





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