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ANTISCALANT 9209 RX SEAWATER DISTILLATION PLANTS manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Antiscalant 9209 RX is specially designed to control the development of scale in seawater distillation plants. It is based on a synergistic blend of phosphonates which are found to be more effective than other polymers at controlling carbonate and sulphate scale formation in sea water distillation units .


Gloves and goggles should be worn as a precaution when handling the concentrated solution. (See Material Safety Data Sheets for further information).
Antiscalant 9209 RX  is compatible with carbon steel and other commonly used materials of construction. Observe all safety precautions shown in the material safety data sheet, available on request.

Antiscalant 9209 RX  is an aqueous solution of neutralised phosphonic acid. It has been approved for use in potable water applications and does not contribute to assimilable organic carbon (AOC), which can act as source of nutrient for micro-organisms.




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