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AQUA CLEAN HD 210 LTRS manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Aquaclean HD largest supplier in India and Midle East. Specially formulated for  cargo hold cleaning  operations after discharge of oily cargoes carried as dry bulk. Also The product has been developed for cargo hold cleaning to remove stains and discolouring after discharge of cargoes such as pet coke, coal, and other oily cargoes. 

Remember, not to use a stronger mixture than necessary for the problem to be solved, as this may affect the lifetime of the paint.

Note: Depends up on the type of hold paint, the last cargo and the requirements of the next cargo and/or the vessel’s main trade, 

Aquaclean HD is the specialized product for cleaning of PET COKE from SHIP CARGO HOLD surface.

This product is very useful when any barrier or release agents were not applied prior to loading.

Recommendation stock on board :::  100 to 250 litres per cargo hold,  all depending on size of the hold, the dilution with fresh water and the application method.




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