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CRYSTAL GLASS ETCHING ACID manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Crystal Glass Etching Acid is a white crystalline solid. It is soluble in water. It is noncombustible. It is corrosive to aluminum. It is used in chemical analysis, in brewing, and as a preservative for wood.

Crystal Glass Etching Acid is a white crystal salt chemically when Crystal Acid comes in contact with water resulting with the formation of HF.  It is used to brighten aluminum and other metals.

We provide all types of Fluoride Chemicals. 
Ammonium Fluoride
Potassium Hydrogen Fluoride
Aluminum Fluoride
Nickel Fluoride
Magnesium Fluoride
Stannous Fluoride

We are pioneer for various chemicals suppliers and manufacturers of Crystal Glass Etching Acid, potassium bifluoride, sodium bifluoride, ammonium difluoride, potassium difluoride etc




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