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DI SODIUM PHOSPHATE manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Disodium phosphate (DSP), or sodium hydrogen phosphate, or sodium phosphate dibasic full range of Sodium Phosphate group supplier.

We also keeping other grades of Phosphate Chemicals and Formate Chemicals. Our product range covers high-quality products and most competitive price, 

(1)phosphate chemicals:
                                        Red phosphorus
                                        Malic acid
                                        Phosphoric Acid 75%,85% food grade
                                        Polyphosphoric Acid 105%,115%
                                        Phosphorus acid 98.5%,99%
                                        Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate
                                        Sodium Hexameta Phosphate 
                                        Sodium Tripoly Phosphate
                                       Trisodium Phosphate
                                       Tetra-sodium Pyrophosphate
                                       Monoammonium Phosphate
                                       Diammonium Phosphate
                                       Monopotassium Phosphate
                                       Phosphorus pentoxide
                                       Phosphorus trichloride
                                       Ferro Phosphorus
(2)formate chemicals:

                                      Formic Acid

                                      Calcium Formate

                                      Potassium Formate

We are keeping ready stock of various grade of Phosphates in technical, pure, LR, Pharma and Food equivalent grade manufacturers of phosphate chemicals. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, specialising in sodium, ammonium, potassium, Poly, Pyro and Hexa phosphates. Since 1995 we are in manufacturing and trading of phosphates, We have the best in quality phosphates for industrial, Food, Animal feed, Laboratory reagents, pharmacy and higher use.

Our Di Sodium Phosphate groups are classified as - 

Di Sodium Phosphate, Anhydrous ( Technical grade)
Di Sodium Phosphate, Anhydrous ( Pure grade: For Food, Pharmaceutical, LR Biotec and other use)
Note:  All of our products are manufactured in

(A)Technical Grade for industrial use, water treatment, enzyme process, several animal feed, buffering agents in several pharmaceutical process, higher agriculture grade fertilizers, and other uses, as well as we manufacture

(B) Pure grade which successfully qualify to all pharmaceutical, AR, Indian Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia, Food, Animal Feed, Seafood and laboratory reagent grade standards. This is to meet all the standards of quality in any grade required by customer. .

Packing: 40KG Heavy Duty PP sack bags with high tensile LDPE Liner inside

(Palletization, shrink wrapping, strapping, paper bag packing, HDPE drum packing is done upon request at an additional packing charge)

We commit you unmatched premium quality from any other domestic or international supplier and being manufacturer and specialising in phosphate chemicals since 1995. we guarantee you consistency in quality and supply.

Our other crucial products are:
1: Mono/ Di / Tri Potassium Phosphate (Also in Pure grade for Food, Animal food, Pharmaceutical and LR use)

2: Mono/ Di / Tri Sodium Phosphate  (Also in Pure grade for Food, Animal food, Pharmaceutical and LR use)

3: Tetra Potassium Pyrophosphate

4: Potassium Tri polyphosphate

4: Sodium Tri Polyphosphate (Also in Pure grade for Food, Seafood and LR use)

5: Tetra Sodium pyrophosphate (Also in Pure grade for Food, Seafood and LR use)

6: Mono / Di Ammonium Phosphate (Pure / LR Grade only)

7: Blended phosphates for seafood use (Also in Pure grade for Food, Seafood and LR use)

Disodium phosphate (anhydrous)Na2HPO47558-79-4
Disodium phosphate (dihydrate)HNa2PO4(H2O)210028-24-7
Disodium phosphate (heptahydrate)HNa2PO4(H2O)77782-85-6
Disodium phosphate (octahydrate)HNa2PO4(H2O)8
Disodium phosphate (dodecahydrate)HNa2PO4(H2O)1210039-32-4




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