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FABRICS LAUNDRY SOFTNER FABSOFT manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Fab Soft makes all washables cloth soft and fluffy  during laundering . Makes ironing easier and helps to eliminate chafing , static cling . Clothes stay fresh, wear longer and wrinkle less. it can be added at the beginning of the laundry cycle at the same time detergent is dispensed or during the rinse cycle.

Main Feature of FAB SOFT Aids in the elimina­tion of static electricity which stops clinging of clothes to body.


Formulated with perfume, which leaves a pleasant smell on fabric. Fab Soft can be used for most types of fabrics, but is particularly effective on bulked or textured fabrics such as towels. It also imparts a smooth, silky feel on woven or flat knitted fabric.

Always pour this product into water, not on clothes.

Please note that this product should not be used on: • articles made of micro polyester fibres such as cleanroom garments and water repellent theatre linen and cleaning microfibre cloths/wipes. 

Avoid freezing.
Avoid contact with skin , Wash away on cotact .
If splashed into eyes, flush with clear water and apply a commercial eye wash product .  If ingest­ed, drink large amounts of water. Contact physician.  Rinse empty container with water before disposal in an autho­rized landfill site.

Fabric Softener that reduces static cling and makes clothes easier to iron. BEST Textile Finishing  agent - This is used as reaction intermediates for the preparation of durable press fabric finishes and softeners. • When comes in contact with cloth useful as scouring agents for wool and silk because of its low alkalinity. • Because it is hygroscopic.




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