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FIRE RESISTANCE HYDRAULIC FLUID CONCENTRATES manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

RXSOL-35-3764-210 is a field proven, dilutable, waterbased hydraulic fluid specifically formulated for use in high-pressure open / vent to sea Blow Out Preventer (BOP) control systems. The fluid prevents valves from sticking even after long static periods and improves system life under slow moving high load conditions. RXSOL-16-3764-210 is capable of use at 1% dilution in fresh potable water (hardness ≤125ppm) and standard

Water-glycol fluids results Lubrication and component life systems containing pumps with plain bearings or lightly loaded ball and roller bearings designed to operate with water glycol fluids. This is best product to reduce its maintenance costs

Suitable for demanding hydraulic applications where there is a high fire risk, such as those found in the Metal and Mining industries.

Key Benefits
* High dilution ratio (100:1)
* High-performance ferrrous and non-ferrous corrosion protection
* Excellent extreme pressure and anit-wear lubrication properties
* High resistance to microbial contamination n Good mixed fluid stability with fresh water and seawater ingress (10%)
* Free Fluid Monitoring programme ensures long service life
* No dye formula meets worldwide environmental acceptance criteria




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