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MEMBRANE ALKA CLEAN RXSOL ORG-10 manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

RXSOL ORG 10 is a high pH formultion that has been designed specifically to remove organics, silt and other particulate deposits from all polyamide, polysulfone and thin film composite membrane surfaces.

RXSOL ORG 10 is a powdered buffered alkaline detergent developed , Especially for cleaning alkaline tolerant reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes.

RXSOL ORG 10 is also suitable for meat and poultry plant as a cleaner for reverse  Osmosis and Ultra filtration membranes. RXSOL ORG 10 must be used in a manner which prevents  direct  or indirect contamination of edible.

In cases of heavy fouling, the first return flow (up to 15% of the cleaning tank volume) should be diverted to drain to prevent redeposition of removed solids.
In multi-pass systems, best results will be achieved if each pass is cleaned separately.
The solution should be discarded if it becomes turbid or discoloured by removed material.
A fresh solution should then be prepared before cleaning additional passes.

Rinse with permeate before returning the system to service.




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