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OIL BASED MUD LUBRICANT GLOLUBE manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

RXSOL Oil Based Mud Lubricant is a environmentally friendly Oil Based lubricant, specially formulated for Sodium Silicate systems, designed to reduce torque & drag and to lower the potential of bottom hole assembly balling in all water base muds under extreme pressure conditions. It imparts extreme pressure Lubricating Properties to the drilling fluids and prevents wall sticking. Its also optimizes the performance of oil-based drilling fluids used on ERD wells or wells with complex trajectories that otherwise would be difficult to drill without exceeding the torque and drag limits of the rig. It also is recommended for slimhole applications to increase the effective weight on bit (WOB) and hence ROP.


It reduces torque & drag.
It will not adversely affect rheology or gel strength.
Stable at high circulation temperatures and does not undergo chemical degradation.
May Help in Shale inhibition




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