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OXYGEN SCAVENGER manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

This is most common oxygen treatment as a scavengers used to effectively remove dissolved  OXYGEN from your feedwater. By the presence of dissolved oxygen in system, corrosion and pitting caused on metal surface. Removes dissolved oxygen, By acting as an oxygen scavenger.

The most common oxygen scavengers in oilfield production are sodium bisulfite (SBS) and ammonium bisulfite (ABS). Ammonium bisulfite is more water soluble than sodium bisulfite and typically react with oxygen faster. However, ammonium in the ammonium bisulfite can promote bacteria growth.

Being a salt of a weak acid and a strong base, sodium bisulfite forms a significantly basic aqueous solution whereas ammonium bisulfite is only slightly basic at around pH 8. As a rule of thumb, 60ppm of 65wt% ammonium bisulfite is required to reduce the oxygen concentration in water from 9ppm to 50ppb.

The reaction of bisulfite with oxygen is typically faster at higher temperatures and can be facilitated by transition metal ion catalysts, e.g. Cobalt.

The most common applications of oxygen scavenger in oil and gas production are for seawater injection facilities, hydro-testing, and acid stimulation

It is used to arrest oxygen in sea water

It removes Entrapped Oxygen and thus reduces Corrosion

In Oil Drilling Chemicals

Ammonium bisulfite is  soluble in water. It is noncombustible. It is corrosive to aluminum. It is a strong irritant to skin and mucous membranes. It is toxic by skin absorption.



RXSOL-81-6119-220 is mildly alkaline in nature. Normal precautions should be taken while handling solid powders. In case of contact, wash with water. Do not swallow.

RXSOL-81-6119-220 should be stored in a dry condition. Close the container tightly to avoid contact with air.


RXSOL-81-6119-220 is available in 50 kg polythene lined bags.




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