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Oil Field Chemicals demulsifier Scavenger corrosion inhibitor manufacturer supplier

kenya And Barka Chemical is a Pioneer in specialty oilfield production chemicals to treat a wide variety of oil and gas production problems faced by Oil Field Industries customers.

Demulsifiers Offspec Crude from Emulsion in Oil
Water Clarifiers Off Spec Re-Injection or Disposal Water
H2S Scavengers High H2S and Mercaptans
Corrosion Inhibitors High Internal Corrosion Rates
Scale Inhibitors Scale Deposition Downhole or in Process
Biocides Bacteria Fouling or Associated Corrosion
Oxygen Scavengers High Oxygen Content in Water
Wax Inhibitors Wax Formation Downhole or in Process
Asphaltene Inhibitors Asphaltene Formation Downhole or in Process
Pour Point Depressants High Pour Point Crude in Winter Conditions
Drag Reducers Pipeline Throughput Limitations
Defoamers Foaming in Process Separators

Email us to get MSDS, Technical Bulletin of Demulsifier.  Also, feel free to mail us to get customized and private labeling options of the Demulsifier.

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