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PAINT REMOVER MC manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

RXSOL paint Remover MC  is a viscous liquid, hydroxide type remover and stripper which is formulated specifically for the removal of multiple layers of paint especially from older  surfaces where high pressure cleaning could prove destructive to the substrate. It is also suitable for the removal of vegetative stains from a variety of masonry surfaces.

RXSOL paint Remover MC is a specially surfactant base remover  which is intended to assist in the removal of high strength coatings such as epoxies, urethanes, and enamels. Its quick reactivity makes it ideal for spot treating areas requiring paint removal (some types of graffiti).

Rx Marine International manufactures various type paint remover designed to remove a variety of coatings from various masonry surfaces. Applications include the removal of graffiti, multiple layers of paint, high-strength coatings, clear water repellents, wax, acrylic-based stucco finishes, and some vegetative stains.


Because of their thixotropic consistency, RXSOL paint Remover MC are easily applied, thus minimizing spillage. While hot water will definitely improve the efficiency of these products, the emulsifiers used do allow for cold-water rinsing. Each product is designed to be effective in the removal of a wide variety of substances.


The effective removal of paint and coatings necessitates the use of strong chemicals. Care must therefore be exercised when using these products. Provide proper protection to all non-masonry surfaces (including glass, metal, hardware, and vegetation). Care must also be used to protect adjacent surfaces which could be damaged by run-off, splash, or overspray.

Adequate ventilation must be maintained at all times. Protective equipment must be worn during every step of the cleaning process.

Because of pollution considerations, care should be exercised in the control of residue run-off. Concern should be shown not only for the environmental impact of the cleaning chemicals, but more likely for the chemical content of the coatings being removed (especially older paints which may contain lead, mercury, and other harmful substances). It is usually a wise practice to collect all solid effluent and dispose of this in accordance with applicable legislation.

RXSOL Paint Remover MC are not suited for the removal of cementitious coatings. Consult the manufacturer for recommendations should this condition exist.

In order to remove the paint  and coating residue, high pressure washing is recomended. If the substrate is too soft to withstand this procedure, some erosion of the surface is to be expected.

The effectiveness of RXSOL Paint Remover MC is directly related to ambient and surface temperatures. Because paint Removing or stripping involves chemical reactions, cold temperatures will slow down reactivity while warm temperatures will accelerate cleaning. If test panels are applied, ensure that testing conditions match, as closely as possible, those which will exist at the time the large scale work is to be done.

Test panels are imperative to determine exact coverage. Coverages will vary depending on surface texture, porosity, the quantity and nature of the coatings to be removed. Typical coverage is in the range of 75 to 100 square feet per gallon.




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