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POTABLE WATER TEST KIT manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

RXSOL POTABLE WATER TEST KIT is a monitoring kit enabling shipboard personnel to regularly test the drinking water onboard to help determine whether it is suitable for drinking. The Convention requires the vessel crew to frequently inspect their potable water system and monitor the quality of drinking water, itself. RXSOL POTABLE WATER TEST KIT  enables shipboard personnel to test the drinking water as part of their inspection procedures and demonstrate they are monitoring water quality.

1.      Portable Water Quality Testing kit:- Designed to carry out more than six basic tests to measure the quality of drinking water quality – turbidity, free – chlorine, total chlorine, pH, color, microbiological and temperature tests; kit should include start- upreagents; kit to be potable and suitable for field ; with 44o C incubator chamber for analysis of faecal coliforms , internal battery, sealed within the case housing, which can be re-charged from mains or a car battery; membrane filtration unit using 47mm – 0.45mm pore size membrane filters; with basic incubator in pelican case, Turbidity tube; Colorimeter; Sterile Pastuer Pipettes (3ml) for easy transfer of media x10, filter funnel, aluminium gasket, bronze discs x2, 3 sets of 16 petri dises, O- ring x2; complete kit weight:10 kg, Dimension: 34.4cm X 16.4cm X 29.7cm,

2.      Free- chlorine Reagent:-  100 tests pack for use with free- chlorine testing equipment provided water quality testing.

3.      pH Reagent:- Reagent suitable for 100 tests pack for use with pH testing equipment provided in potable water quality testing kit.

4.      Electric Autoclave (4L Capacity):- Steam sterilizer autoclave; made of high quality aluminium / stainless steel fixed with safety valves; fitted with pressure and temperature indicator, pressure valves; maximum pressure: 0.1MPa; maximum temperature: 125o C.

5.      De- ion Pack:- De- ionizer pack cable of producing 5 liters of de- ionized water.

6.      Media for Microbiological Testing:- To be membrane lauryl sulphate broth; To be used in the potable water quality testing  kit for bacteriological analysis; with minimum if one year shelf life; Membrane filtration culture medium for the enumeration of coliform organisms and E. Coil in water and sewage samples; dehydrated culture medium; 500 g per bottle or container.

7.      Absorbent Pads And Membranes: To be used in microbiological water quality testing incubator; 0.45pm; 47mm; Sterile, white and gridded; Round for microbiological petri 47mm diameter; Minimum of 100 pieces per rack;.

8.      Pure White Vinegar ( Acetic acid, 5% concentration by volume) 500ml: Clear Colorless solution; wt./ml at 20o C : 1.047-1.052g: Freezing point: Not below 15.5o C: Non-volatile matter. <0.01%; Chloride (cl): <0.0005%; Sulphate(SO4): <0.0005%; Arsenic(AS):<0.0002%; Iron(Fe):<0.0002%;  lead (Pb): <0.0002%.

9.      Methanol for Alcohol Burner: Clear colorless, Assay (min):99.5%, Wt./ml at 20o C: 0.790-0.793, Refractive index: 1.328-1.331, Non-volatile matter; <0.005%, Aldehydes & Ketones [{(CH3)2 CO}]; <0.1%, Water:<0.25%.

10.   Electrical Conductivity Meter: Measuring rang 0.9999us, Temperature range 0-80o C, Resolution 1ps, Accuracy -+ 25, ATC: Yes, Battery life; 2 years, Auto-off; After 5 minutes, Dimension: 15cm (L) x 2.5cm (W) x 1.3cm(H), Power supply; DC 4 X 1.5V, Water- resistant, Magnetic housing, measures electrical conductivity and temperature, digital calibration, weight; 51g, Hold function to save measurement for convenient reading, include conductivity chart sticker on the back of the meter to explain values.

11.   TDS Water Quality Tester:- Measuring rang: 0-9999 (mg/l), Accuracy: -+ 2% F.S. resolution: 1ppm (mg/l), Display: 4-digital LCD, Environment humidity: <95%, Automatic  temperature: 0-50o C, Power Supply: 4X1.5V, Dimension: 165mm(L) X 26mm(H), Weight: 63g, Hold Function to save measurement for convenient reading, Easy to operate, Reliable and stable, Easy to Carry, Includes TDS chart sticker on the back of the meter that explain TDS valued.

12.   pH Water Quality Testers:- Potable micro-processor base pH/Mv/C  meter, pH working range of 0-14, Automatic temperature compensation facility 0o -50o, Resolution: 0.001pH – 0.1o, Powder supply: 4x1.5V, Dimension: 170mm (L)x 36mm (W)x 23mm(H), Weight: 91g, Easy-to-read custom dual-level LCD, on-the-spot measurement, stability indicator, hold function to save measurement for convenient reading, include pH chart sticker on the back of the meter that explain pH values, enclosed in heavy duty plastic carry case.

13.   Dissolved Oxygen Meter with Probes: To be microprocessor based portable dissolved oxygen (DO) meter of range 0.00-45.00 ppm(mg/l), DO range 0.01 ppm (mg/l) with features, two stage DO automatic calibration, auto-end point detection and compensation for temperature, salinity and altitude, attached with polarographic probe, PTFE membrane caps, electrolyte fill solution, Rugged carrying case associated NiMH battery. Galvanic probe eliminates polarization delay and delivers quick stable response complete with: Galvanic dissolved oxygen probe (1 meter), Assemble membrane cap housing (1), refilling electrolyte, carrying case and appropriate NiMH battery.

14.   BOD/Microbiological Incubator: BOD incubator unit internal temperature display; with the following feature; temperature range from 3-50o C, 2X internal socket, 9 liter internal volume, 2X shelves, with electronic thermo regulation system, Auto tuning, Power Supply: 240 Volts/50-60 Hz, temperature tolerance accuracy: -+0.5o C at 20o C.

15.   Manometric BOD Trak apparatus (0-700mg/l):Manometric BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) trak apparatus, auto-switching power supply, selectable range 0-35, 0-70, 0-350 or 0-700mg/l BOD, capable of handling 6X 300ml amber glass bottles, supplied with six bottles, BOD Nutrient Buffer pillow, grease stopcock tube, incubator, potassium/lithium hydroxide powder pillow, six magnetic stir bars, spatula scoop, power rating 240V and cords.

16.   Respirometric BOD Nutrient Buffer Pillows 300ml, 50 per pack: To be used with BOD Trak apparatus for BOD testing.

17.   Potassium Hydroxide Reagent:- To be used with BOD Trak apparatus BOD testing, 25g per pack.

18.   Suspended solids meter with probes:- Microprocessor digital display TSS meter with probes, infra red diode system and beam focusing, wavelength 960nm, measurement ranges for turbidity and suspended solids are 0.001-9999 FNU and 0.001-400g/l respectively, air bubble compensation ability, sensor ranger 0-200 to 0-20,000mg/l auto-ranging, power supply rechargeable battery, operating sensor 0-60oC.

19.   COD Dry Thermostat Reactor Block with digital display: Signal block COD, dry thermostat, digital reactor block with 9 vials X 16mm, 2 X 20mm vial wells, power requirement 240 VAC, pre-programmed temperature range from 20 to 150 degrees in minutes, frequency Hz 50-60,supplied with 20>16mm reducing adaptor.

20.   COD colorimeter: Spectrometer based operated COD Meter, with wavelength range 420nm tp 600nm, to be supplied with sample cells COD/TNT adaptor and Nimh batteries, optical system 0/180 degrees transmittance, photometric measuring range 0.2 Abs,  spectral bandwidth 15nm filter bandwidth, automatic wavelength selection ability.

21.   COD Vials Rack: To be stainless steel rack for holding COD vials and test ‘N tube vials, holding min. capacity of 10 vials.

22.   COD Digestion Solution (0-150ppm):Low range chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) reagent for reactor digestion method range 1-150mg/l COD, Pack of 25 vials, EPA approved.

23.   COD Digestion Solution (0-1500ppm):High range chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) reagent for reactor digestion method. Range 1-1500mg/l COD, Pack of 25 vials, EPA approved.

24.   Disposable Transfer Pipette, 2ml: Low density polyethylene disposable pipette, 2ml. Packet of 500 pieces.

25.   Tensette Pipette:- Tensette Pipette, 0.1-1.0ml, with two step of pipette tips with 0.1 increment.

26.   Tensette Pipette: Tensette Pipette, 1-2ml, with two set of pipette tip with 1ml increment.

27.   Serological Pipette: High grade polystryrene serological pipettes of with 1/10 graduation, 50 per pack.

28.   Laboratory Plastic beakers: Clear plastic laboratory breaker, 250ml.

29.   Hand gloves: disposable Vinyl powder free gloves, latex-free gloves, XL size packet, 100 per packet.

30.   Laboratory plastic beakers: Clear plastic polypropylene PP measuring jar with spout, 500 ml.

31.   Laboratory plastic beakers: Clear plastic polypropylene PP measuring graduated cylinder with base, 250 ml.

32.   Water Sampling Bag; To be made of highly resistant FDA-Approved polyethylene. Maximum bag mouth opening to facilitate the insertion of water sample. Convenient write-on strip and volume marking s for measurements. 100mil capacity, transparent, thickness: 0.057mm, 100 pcs per box.

33.   Portable insulated thermal Cooler: To be made of oxford cloth and thin foil. Durable, waterproof and insulated. Handle design, easy to carry and convenient to use. A layer of thermal insulation material inside the bag. Bag to have heat preservation, coldand fresh function. Perfect to transport water sample cold. Perfect in preserving coldness inside the bag. Colour: Blue, Size: 30cmLx30cmWx20cmH.



• pH Tester and Buffer Kit
• Chlorine Ampoule Test Kit, including color comparator
• Coliform Test Kit, including UV lamp and safety goggles
• Convenient Carrying Case


• Monitors pH level of drinking water to ensure pH level supports chlorination.
• Monitors the level of free chlorine in the drinking water.
• Monitors presence/absence of total coliforms and E.coli.
• Provides for safety of crew
• Easy to use
• Centralized storage for test kits' components
• Withstands rigors of shipboard operations
• Easy to carry




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