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PVI ANTISCORCHING RUBBER CHEMICALS manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

PVI is an effective scorch inhibitor with almost all types of accelerators and in all types of sulphur cured diene rubber based compounds.
Crystaline Powder

Chemical name: N-(cyclhexyl thio) phthalimide 
Molecular Formula: C14H15O2NS 

PVI does not cause any detrimental effect on the vulcanizate properties such as tensile strength, modulus values, and resilience / heat build up, compression set or permanent set, ozone resistance and hot air aged vulcanizate properties when used at optimum dosage.

PVI does not cause contact or migration staining but can slightly discolor bright white rubber products.

PVI can permit addition of curatives at an early stage of mixing for better dispersion of curatives, reduced mixing cycle time, reduced power consumption, reduced labor and capital investment costs.

PVI use of higher processing speeds and temperatures during mixing, calendaring, extrusion, etc. for increased productivity and reduced processing cost.

PVI use of higher injection temperatures and shorter cure cycles for increased productivity.
PVI recovery of rubber compounds with marginal processing safety and recovery of partially scorched compound for scrap elimination.

PVI improve the storage stability of fully compounded stocks at ambient temperatures.




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