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RUSTOCIDE manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

RUSTOCIDE is a Specially designed for removal of rust from any steel surface area and deposits. Also acts as SURFACE BRIGHTNER.  Superior heavy duty and highly Concentrated liquid blend of surfactant & organic compound containing rust penetrating agent, solubilizer and inhibited with rust dissolving acid.

RUSTOCIDE is a single component sulfate and chloride-free liquid, which in one operation removes rust and prevents further rusting of steel.


Acidic Rust stain Tank cleaning detergent to dissolve Rust Stain from SS Tank surface.

RUSTOCIDE is Specially designed for removal of rust from any steel surface area and rust stain from Brass , Copper , S.S wood , ceramic and aluminium surfaces , painted or not . And RUSTOCIDE acts as surface brightner.
RUSTOCIDE is vastly used for polishing almost all metals, such as brass, copper, nickel, chrome, stainless steel, aluminium and even for machinery and golf clubs.




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