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RXSOL H (AROMATIC HYDROCARBON) manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

RXSOL H is a low aromatic white spirit with a flash point above 61ºC, higher than conventional Low Aromatic White Spirit.

Storage : Store Cool and Dry Palce. Keep Far away from direct flame.

Physical Properties:

Appearance         : Colourless Liquid.
Odour                   : Aromatic
Odour threshold : Data not available.
pH                         : Not applicable


Rxsol H is mainly classed as an irritant. It has a fairly low acute toxicity by inhalation of the vapour, dermal (touching the skin) and oral routes (ingestion). However, acute exposure can lead to central nervous system depression resulting in lack of coordination and slowed reactions. Oral ingestion presents a high aspiration hazard. Prolonged or repeated skin exposure over a long period of time can result in severe irritant dermatitis, also called contact dermatitis. Exposure to large amounts of RXSOL H in direct contact with the skin (e.g. being soaked with 2 litres) for several hours can cause severe chemical burns.[8] It is recommended that skin exposure be kept to a minimum by use of gloves, and that hands be washed after contact. Occasional exposure to skin is highly unlikely to cause any problems.

Exposure to an average RXSOL H concentration of 240 mg/m3 (40 ppm) for more than 13 years could lead to chronic central nervous system effects. Owing to the volatility and low bioavailability of its constituents, RXSOL H although it is moderately toxic to aquatic organisms, is unlikely to present significant hazards to the environment. It should not however, be purposely poured down the sink or freshwater drain. It should be disposed of correctly wherever possible as per local rule and regulation.




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