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SODIUM BENZOATE FOOD GRADE manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Sodium Benzoate Food Grade supplier and Exporter for food and Medicinal Industries.

Medicinal application of Sodium Benzoate to control Ammonia in URINE ?

Liver diseas problem generate excess of Ammonia in waste product and release ammonia via urine.  Uses of sodium benzoate may help treat such things. The chemical reduces high blood levels of the waste product ammonia, such as in people with liver disease or inherited urea cycle disorders — conditions that limit the excretion of ammonia via urine.


Sodium Benzoate Food Grade Enhances flavour / taste of Acidic Food, But always remeber never use Sodium Benzoate Food Grade with Vitamin C( Ascorbic Acid )  as it forms benzene which is a carcinogen.




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