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SOLVENT CLEANER CITRO 2000 manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Solvent Cleaner CITRO 2000  is a heavy-duty, solvent based cleaner that provides excellent cleaning performance on both ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. It is a high performance replacement for ozone depleting chlorinated solvents (TCE). Solvent Cleaner 2000  provides excellent cleaning without the detrimental impact on the environment associated with chlorinated solvents; it is free rinsing and leaves a residue-free surface when followed by a hot air blow-off.

Future & Benefit ::

  • Economical & Versatile: The Solvent Cleaner CITRO 2000 is a non-conductive solvent based cleaner that is safe on both ferrous & non-ferrous materials
  • High Solvency: The high level of solvency rapidly penetrates to loosen soil deposits under very little fluid impingement forces that are inherent in dip-immersion cleaning systems
  • Non-Hazardous: This product does not contain any material shown to be a carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), or OSHA.
  • Free Rinsing: No residual films are left to interfere with future operations. Solis will not re-deposit even under high solid loading conditions

Handling & Storage ::

As with all metalworking products, Solvent Cleaner CITRO 2000  should be kept away from dampness and extreme temperatures, 4-30°C is the recommended storage temperature. When storage outdoors cannot be avoided, drums should be covered and supported to minimize contact with rain water and direct sunlight.

Solvent Cleaner CITRO 2000   is unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when used as recommended by Quaker Chemical. Good standards of personal and industrial hygiene must be maintained by the user . In order to protect the environment, the product used should be adequately disposed of by a
licensed contractor. The packaging material should be handled by a recognized drum reconditioning firm.




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