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TANK CLEANER HD manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Tank Cleaner and Degreaser Quickly removes oil, grease, gimres, adhesive and dyes. Best results also achieved forcleaning of oil side of fuel and lube oil heat exchangers. Used  as  a tank cleaner or for general degreasing , cleaning and gas freeing for double bottom tanks, wing tanks, tank lines, fuel oil tanks, etc .

RXSOL-20-2001-210 is highly concentrated organic / inorganic emulsifier with powerful penetrating agents, corrosion inhibitors and surfactants.


                     **Used as a multi-purpose degreaser in extremely hard cleaning conditions**

  It is cost effective, easy to apply and use.
• High emulsification on mineral oils and petroleum based chemicals.
• Safe to use on most metal surfaces, painted surfaces and tank coatings.
• Cleans oil coolers, fuel oil pre heaters and lube oil heat exchangers.
• Removes general oil contamination from machinery and engine room.
• Economical  cost effective  .  

**For detailed  information  on  safety  & health, Please  refer  to  Material  Safety  Data Sheet & /or Product Label**




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