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THINNER SOLVENT manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa


This product is a special blend of advanced technically pure various organic solvents & penetrating agents. RXSOL-18-1014-050 functions via a unique dual mechanism the penetrating agent reacts with paints components whilst the organic components reacts with metals to form protection film.


FIRSTAID &STORAGE:- Contact with skin can cause serous chemicals burns .Avoid contact with skin & eyes.Wear PVC gloves while handling. Do not take internally. Spl-ashes of the product or its solutions on the skin or clothing should washed immediately with cupious amount of water . If the eyes are affected should be washed with water for at least 15 minutes and seek medicals attention sought immediately. Keep drums tightly closed when not in use.

GENERAL REMARKS :- Do not store RXSOL-18-1014-050 near heating equipment. 

Safety: Always were solvent-resistant gloves and splash-guard goggles and keep the room well ventilated when using paint thinner. Avoid Using this thinner in water-based latex paints . PACKAGING : 50 Ltrs. ACTIVE MATTER : 100% COMMON NAME : Paint Thinner




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