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TRI SODIUM PHOSPHATE ANHYDROUS TSP manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Tri-sodium phosphate TSP Anhydrous is the inorganic compound . It is a white, granular or crystalline solid, highly soluble in water producing an alkaline solution. Tri-sodium phosphate is manufactured by neutralization of phosphoric acid solution using sodium hydroxides along with sodium carbonate.

Cas No :- 7758-16-9

Chemical Formula :- Na3po4

SYNONYMS :- Trisodium orthophosphate , Sodium phosphate tribasic , Sodium orthophosphate.


Cas No :- 7758-16-9

Chemical Formula :- Na3po4

Molecular Weight :- 163.94

Physical Form :- White Free Flowing Powder.

Solubility :- Soluble In Water.

Ph Of 1% Soln :- 11.8 - 12.2

P2o5 :- 42.0 - 43.5 %




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