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VAPOR TREATMENT manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

VapourTreatment  (For controlling of Scale & Foam) ::: Neutral Liquid for prevention of scale in seawater Evaporators
This is a highly active antifoulant, water scale inhibitor, dispersant and anti-precipitant compound for use in industrial and marine water systems, such as cooking systems, heat exchangers, air conditioning equipment, etc.

RXSOL-51-6001-025 is a concentrated  solution of a POLYELECTROLYTE  polymer and antifoaming agents for  use in SEA WATER evaporator  as a controller of scale and foam in side the  evaporators.  It can be used as a scale inhibitor  in the  feed water  to EVAPORATORS producing fresh water .

A liquid polymer-based evaporator treatment specially designed to control and prevent scale formation in evaporators


Improves the quality of distilled water.




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