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VOLUMETRIC FLASKS manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Volumetric flask is a part of laboratory glassware used in analytical chemistry for the preparation of solutions. It is made of glass of plastic and consists of a flat bottomed bulb with a long neck, usually fitted with a stopper. The stopper. Is normally made in a  chemically resistant plastic such as polypropylene rather than glass. The neck has a single ring graduation mark and a label.  The label should show the nominal volume, tolerance, calibration temperature, class, relevant manufacturing standard and the manufacturer’s logo. The glass or plastic is generally clear but may be amber colored for handling light sensitive com sensitive compounds.   

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LAB CHEMICAL and Instrument supplier in Dubai, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi
Plastic beaker2 ltr
Plastic beaker500ml
Measuring cycliner (Plastic)100ml
Indicator bottle100ml
Burette  50ml
Burette standFor 50ml and 1000ml each burette
Electric stirrer apparatus with agitator400RPM(min)1Volumetric flask1 ltr

Volumetric flask500ml

Volumetric flask250ml



Silica Crucible - Medium form(60ml)

Petri dish - Height 15mm, outer  - 100mm

Magnetic bar cylindrical 8mm*40mm

Hot plate with magnetic bar - MSH 20D

Distilled water prepation unit  - 4 ltr/hr




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