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WATER TANK CLEANER manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Water Tank Cleaner RXSOL-15-1569-025 is  a  highly  concentrate  water-based cleaner. It contains wetting a unique biologically active liquid formulation containing specialised bacterial strains, biodegradable low foaming chemical cleaners and anti foam agents.It has been designed for the cleaning of restrooms (toilets), bathrooms,storage rooms, kitchen sinks, collection lines and in general, the sewage/sanitary systems of the vessel. Further more, its concentrated scent provides the added advantage of an odor eliminator.

Avoid direct contact with Eye and Skin. Highly concentrated product required more water to complete wash.

Further Details:
Contaminated water is the most common cause of illness to mankind. Around 60% of diseases caused to humans are water-borne with children below 5 years more susceptible. One of the most usual ways water getting contaminated is through water storage tanks - the cleaning of which is either neglected or inappropriate means like the services of a local plumber or sweeper are engaged.




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