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ZYME FC manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

ZymeFC  floor care product that degrades and eliminates accumulated grease and other organic materials. Patented fatty acid degrading bacteria strains produce enzymes specific for the breakdown of the harder to degrade fatty acid components of oils and fats used in galley area. Excellent cleaning properties eliminate grease from floor surfaces resulting in reduced slippage and improved safety.

Excellent in-depth cleaning properties
Contains specialized patented bacterial strains forming enzymes that break down fatty acid components of grease
Safe to use on all surfaces
Environmentally friendly.


Reduced slippage and improved safety conditions in galley area
Penetrates porous floor surfaces to degrade accumulated grease and other organic materials
Eliminates odours that attract insects; the residual organics that feed them are eliminated
Friendly bacterial strains replace pathogenic bacteria for improved hygiene
Results in a fresher smelling galley area.




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