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Zinc chloride Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers Nairobi Kenya

Kenya Chemical is one of the leading Zinc chloride Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Producers in Nairobi, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, South Africa, South Sudan, Zambia, Nigeria, Namibia, Ghana, Malawi Nairobi Kenya.




Zinc chloride is the name of a chemical compound with the formula ZnCl2 and its hydrates. Zinc chlorides, of which nine crystalline forms are known, are colorless or white and are highly soluble in water. This white salt is hygroscopic and even deliquescent. Samples should therefore be protected from sources of moisture, including the water vapor present in ambient air. Zinc chloride finds wide application in textile processing, metallurgical fluxes, and chemical synthesis. 

Product Description
Properties: White powder
1.7646-85-7 Zinc Chloride
2. Purity: 92%min
4. Prompt delivery
5. White crystal


It can be used as electrolyte substance of batteries; Dehydration or condensing agent in the organic compound industry; Activator of cation exchange resin; Impregnant in producing polypropylene cyanogens; Intermedium dyeing agent, silk agent, and sizing agent in dyeing weaving industries. It can be used to produce active dyestuff and cation dyestuff.

USE OF Zinc Chloride:

A. Galvanized industry 
B. Battery industry. 

D.Dyeing and printing industry

E: The rubber industry

F.Metallurgical industry

G.pigment industry

In textile and paper processing
Concentrated aqueous solutions of zinc chloride (more than 64% weight/weight zinc chloride in water) have dissolving starch, silk, and cellulose.

Relevant to its affinity for these materials, ZnCl2 is used as a fireproofing agent and in fabric "fresheners" such as Febreze. Vulcanized fiber is made by soaking paper in concentrated zinc chloride.

Fingerprint detection
Ninhydrin reacts with amino acids and amines to form a colored compound "Ruhemann's purple" (RP). Spraying with a zinc chloride solution forms a 1:1 complex RP: ZnCl(H2O)2, which is more readily detected as it fluoresces more intensely than RP.



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